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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) season: Kentucky

    I think it's realistic that they could lose to Ohio and La Monroe as well. I think 1-11 is a possibility, but figure they'll find one more win in there somewhere.
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    Re: Top 10 Non-SEC QBs for the 2014 Season

    Solid list...
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    Re: Who has been our most talented Tider ?

    Kerry Murphy...

    At 6'6 and 300+ the man was really wuick, and could do a back flip. Still can as a matter of fact. He's now an assistant to Coach Cochran.

    Him aside I would say Julio, Trent,...
  4. Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Mississippi State

    I'm in complete agreement on this one. I think they may be one of the tougher outs this season, but still think their ceiling is around 8 wins.
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Tennessee

    I think they take a step back record wise, but a step forward as a program. Losing a ton in both front sevens is too difficult to overcome in the SEC unless you had a TON of depth already. I think...
  6. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    I have yet to comment, and I won't say anything about what happened, but I just wanted to say he was as much a pleasure to watch as ANY Auburn player I have got to watch. From all I have heard he was...
  7. Re: What if a Top 4 Playoff had been around since AP Poll Started?

    I just think it's an amazing testament to our program that we would have qualified the last 5 years in a row...that speaks volumes.
  8. Re: Is the opener against West Virginia a trap game for Alabama?

    This reminds me of the Michigan game a lot...
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias


    The only conference that doesn't have a championship game currently, is the Big12. They say that their schedule is just as tough though because they play 9 conference games, which...
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    Re: Tim Brando's Top 10 for 2014

    I want to break this down...

    @TimBrando's Preseason Top 10:
    1. UCLA (Could be really good this year, but not even the best team in their league)
    2. FSU (Should start #1)
    3. OU (Should start...
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias

    I know everyone is up in arms about the playoff, and I agree that it is not perfect, but until I see it I will hold my tongue on bashing it.

    As for the conference champions thing, nowhere does it...
  12. Re: Per ESPN: Christophe Varidel is headed to Bama

    They will find something to say no matter HOW things go. It will either be a recruiting, a development, an offense, a scheduling, a venue, or an attitude problem. Super-CAG-haters are going to hate...
  13. Question: Re: Does anyone think Bama will end up with a top 10 prospect this year?

    I highly doubt we land anyone in the CURRENT top 10, but depending on things get reshuffled throughout the fall in the rankings we could end up with a top 10 guy.
  14. Re: Per ESPN: Christophe Varidel is headed to Bama

    This is def a good pick up. BEST case scenario he comes in and shoots the lights out as a Marshall Henderson type, providing instant offense. Even if he is just a 6th or 7th man brought in to space...
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    Re: auburn mascot dies

    Sad news for them, it was one of the good traditions in football. They have another Eagle to carry it on, though, I believe.
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