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    UGA DT arrested
  2. Re: And another one goe, and another one gone (A&M)

    Had a DB suspended today for shoplifting. The SC game could get ugly quickly! I hope Ole Spurrier hangs 70 on them!
  3. Re: CFN preview: 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide

    "Notre Dame’s Everett Golson was relatively effective running around and making plays in the BCS championship blowout, too." Did they really put that in writing???? I guess 10/20 with 124 yards...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Texas A&M

    If aTm goes into SC and the offense appears to be clicking on all cylinders as last year, I see this team winning 8 games. If the D appears like it can slow teams down, I see them as a 9 or 10 win...
  5. Re: Someone Just Shot Down a 777 over Ukraine

    I was shocked a few minutes ago when Chris Mathews played The Gipper's response and address to the nation 30+ years ago when the Russians shot down the S Korean jet. President Reagan called out...
  6. Re: Athletic Departments Paying Insurance for Student Athletes

    Why coudn't they if a bank was willing to take the risk? Would that be any different than a kid going to med school to be a surgeon taking out insurance on their hands? The only way it would be a...
  7. Re: Athletic Departments Paying Insurance for Student Athletes

    I have no issue with schools doing this but, I see this making the gap between the top reveune schools and others greater. What will stop a school from telling a stud recruit we will buy you a $5MM...
  8. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Saban did not get on the plane b/c while it was in route one too many prominent UT boosters made contact. How close was the plane, did he (Sexton) agree/have a deal, I don't know but, my friend says...
  9. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Take this for what it is worth.... A friend and former co-worker that covers UT Football for one of the largest papers in Texas wanted to write an expose on Texas' pursuit of Saban. The main points...
  10. Link: Re: Sarah Patterson Steps Down as Gymnastics Coach

    I cannot agree more. I've know Dana over 20 years and if anyone can succeed Sara and David it is Dana. She is a Nick Saban workaholic who won't leave a single stone unturned. I remember sitting in...
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    Re: Jarran Reed arrested for DUI

    The good news is we are loaded at DE with A'Shawn, Liner, Allen, Tomlinson, Pettway & Hand. Put Reed at the bottom of the depth chart and work 3x as hard as the others to get on the field. We've all...
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    Re: Things to do in Oklahoma City

    I was ready and still did! Moving for sure!!! All the in innocent lives lost thanks to a Frekin whack job.
  13. Re: Oh my! Pink Floyd reportedly set to release new album this fall!

    I blew off studying for a geography final to catch the show at legion field. Not that I would've studied had I not gone to the show! It was one of the best shows I've ever seen; right up there with...
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    Re: OK, looking for a CWW...

    At night, my LC9 stays on the night stand, safety off, round in chamber ready to fire. During the day it is either on me with safety on or next to me. That said, no kids and if we have folks over it...
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    Re: Things to do in Oklahoma City

    Bet it would be entertaining! Almost as much as a friend who tried to explain to me how the Gipper and OBAMA are the two best Presidents of the past 50 years and GHW Bush and Bill Clinton the worst...
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