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  1. Re: Some Alabama statistics that the committee would have to ignore (to underrank the

    The beauty/ugliness of a 12 person ranking system is a single voter can bring their own prejudices and keep a team at home who otherwise should be the fourth team. Teams 1-3 will probably be in no...
  2. Re: 'If Colt hadn't got hurt' is now in the official sports lexicon

    You can always ask why they have tried so hard for so long to get Coach Saban to move to Texas.
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    Re: Coaching Moves

    I think Muschamp would be a good hire for T A&M, but we don't need any more great teams in the SEC West. So, for us, I hope they don't get a good defensive coordinator.
  4. Re: Coaching Staff's Players of the Week Against Tennessee

    I'm a little ignorant on why Ragland isn't there because I'm not an Alabama coach, but it may have to do with what he was being asked to do and not what he actually did on the field.
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    Re: CFN: Iís a mad, mad, mad, mad SEC West

    I knew when Nick Saban came to Alabama, the SEC West teams would be forced by their fanbases to continually upgrade their coaching and programs through ANY means necessary to keep up with Alabama....
  6. Re: ESPN's Local Troll Danny Kannel Shows That "SEC Bias"

    He's not wrong, the title of the board was just cut-off as it was too long. It really said "Best 1 loss teams OUTSIDE OF THE SEC WEST."

    I'll take a reasonably objective Sagarin computer poll over...
  7. Thread: 2014 = 2011?

    by mdb-tpet

    Re: 2014 = 2011?

    The only way we get in without winning the SEC championship is to demolish all of our remaining opponents like we did to A&M, AND for the rest of the league champions to have 2 bad/late losses (as in...
  8. Re: Tennessee politician uses Kiffin in a negative campaign ad

    I think this political group just grabbed a hold of the fourth rail in politics. Don't touch sports...
  9. Sagarin poll has the SEC in top five spots.

    Call the computer SEC biased if you like :0), but these rankings are telling of the strength of the SEC West.

    RATING W L SCHEDL(RANK) VS top 10 | VS top 30 |...
  10. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    I'd like to remind everyone that November always straightens out the playing field with respect to rankings and wins/losses. Every year a previously unbeatable juggernaut or two loses inexplicably to...
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    Re: Does LSU play the spoiler vs. Ole Miss?

    What do y'all think the talent level is between the two teams. Of course for many years, LSU has been far superior, but has Ole Miss come that far? Or is the main difference experience? Or QB play?
  12. Re: WVU students not content with just burning furniture this week

    Alcohol is rarely the reason, but it's often the excuse.
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    Re: I'm Picking UT To Beat Ole Miss!

    As a general rule, predictive threads bother me. I always wanted to say that too. :-)

    Best of luck to Tennessee. They are gonna need a few lucky bounces/tipped balls to beat Ole Miss.
  14. Re: Gators OC: Driskel has to play, offensive players don't know where to line up...

    I've never seen two players blocking each other. And one would have been guilty of holding...
  15. Re: Stanford Sends Recruits a List Showing How Much More Stanford Grads Make

    Yeah, I have a friend who recently bought a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house for $1.4 million just South in Mountain View. Location, location, location, right? Now, I'll never denigrate a Stanford degree, as...
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