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    Re: How Close was Saban to Coaching Texas

    As much as I hate to admit this, I agree 100% with ya Brad, it was a situation I too think, Coach Saban could have & actually "Should" have ended those Texas rumors, all it did was cause unneeded...
  2. Link: Re: Snorkeler Mistakes Fake Skeletons for Real Human Remains, Sends Authorities on Hu

    Yup..That made me chuckle when I read that as well..Especially the skeletons wearing sunglasses..
  3. Link: Snorkeler Mistakes Fake Skeletons for Real Human Remains, Sends Authorities on Hunt

    While it may be weird to come across some skeletons while you're out snorkeling, common sense, should kick in that when a persons body decomposes, the bones would fall into a pile & not stay...
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    Link: Re: Four-star OG Deonte Brown Commits To Alabama

    I agree 100% with ya Bro..I'll take as many 4* OG we can land & the 195 rated best player in the country by 247 Sports any day of the week..Like most O-Linemen, I'm sure he'll RS, and then work...
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    Link: *** OG Deonte Brown Commits to Alabama ***

    I looked & didn't see the commitment of Deonte Brown to Bama on the board, this is figuratively & literally a huge instate pickup for Bama, it's always great to land Blue Chip "Big Uglies" cause you...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Thank You Kyallie..I hate it how things for Coach Shula the HC, but, it is what it is & I still have a lot of respect for the man cause he will always be a Crimson Tide legend to me..He was one...
  7. Re: *** 2016 OL Chris Owens (Texas) Commits to Alabama ***

    Out of curiosity..Do y'all see him staying at a G spot or could he play C in college at Bama..His body looks like he'd be the perfect C & he could be a really good C with Coach Cristobal coaching him...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    My absolute earliest recollection of my earliest favorite Bama Player's is a tie between Mike Shula & Vann Tiffin, cause both of them, were both involved in a couple of the greatest wins in the...
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    Re: Coaching staff

    Looks like CAJ has added Bob Simon from Providence to his Coaching Staff..Sounds like he's a great National Recruiter..

    Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  10. Re: The D has dominated the Spring. How would you feel if the O came alive at A-Day?

    Yup..I think we have the players in place on both sides of the ball to add another NC to our collection, I watched a few Spring Games today, and we at this point look better than any team I...
  11. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Alabama ***

    Yup..I would put my money own Coach Saban is being more selective in who he allows a commitment & the recruits that has a true commitable offer..
  12. Link: Re: Bama Lands 3* TE Brenden Scales

    Yup..A great TE makes our offense click soooo much better..Especially running the ball..
  13. Link: *** TE Brenden Scales Commits to Alabama ***

    Just saw this on BamMag..Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  14. Link: Re: Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate in prison

    I'd be more surprised if this was his 1st killing to be honest..
  15. Re: Avery Johnson Wants to Improve Coleman Coliseum

    That's what I was thinking as well. we can use the BJCC for a year, as they build the new arena & as others have stated..Partner the construction with the City Of Tuscaloosa & allow it to host...
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