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  1. JessN: Re: 2015 Previews: Who’s up, who’s down heading into 2015

    Hate to criticize any of these because predictions like these are notoriously difficult to peg, but with all due respect the Georgia prediction just jumps off the screen like a virtual confetti...
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    Re: *** RB BJ Emmons Commits to Alabama ***

    Solid pick-up here. We needed to add a back, and Emmons is a quality addition. We'll look for one more as well.

    Emmons is kind of a strange prospect, I find. Based solely on physical build, you...
  3. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Update

    General thought at this time is that Little will end up at Alabama. That's not necessarily wrong -- with the A&M decommitment, we have to be the smart money pick now -- but again, let me stress that...
  4. Re: ***2016 K Eddy Pineiro (JUCO) commits to Alabama***

    Think the general consensus is that he can be a quality kicker -- perhaps not as good as prep prognosticators thought he would be, but still a solid, reliable type -- but the lingering back problems...
  5. Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    Hopefully this is indeed accurate, but it's best to take everything with a grain of salt right now. This is the time of the year when everyone is in the best shape of their life, finally healthy,...
  6. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Update

    'Bama is definitely making some serious strides in the right direction here, and we are a real player in his recruitment. It wouldn't be a huge shock if we land Little when all is said and done.
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    Re: OT Willie Allen Updates

    Allen did not perform as well on the summer camp circuit as most had anticipated he would, and as a result some of the top programs -- 'Bama included -- have slow-played him a bit. I think that he's...
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    Re: BigEeasyTider (?)

    I'm doing well and definitely still around. Just been sidetracked with some real world obligations as of late and haven't been able to post. I'll be back in the swing of things in the next few weeks,...
  9. Re: Early buzz on Alabama’s new No. 1 receiver

    No real surprise on Black and Foster, both of whom have made real progress in the past year and who have had solid starts to the spring. The question with those guys, I think, is less whether they...
  10. Re: Jim McElwain: Florida roster 'really insufficient' in wake of Will Muschamp era

    I'm sure some of McElwain's remarks are intended to limit expectations, but that's not to say there isn't a hell of a lot of validity to what he has said.

    It is certainly true that Florida has...
  11. Link: Re: Sophomore Da'Shawn Hand 'Coming Along,' Prepping to Play Bigger Role

    You can look at the guy and see that he has had no problem adding strength and mass in the S&C program, the question now is just going to be how doing so has affected his burst, his hip movement, and...
  12. Re: NFL Network's David Jeremiah Gives Critique of Bama DL

    Lot of praise for the DL, which consists of true interior players and 3-4 combo end-tackle players. None of those guys are edge rushers, though, and for the most part none of them give us tremendous...
  13. Re: NFL Network's David Jeremiah Gives Critique of Bama DL

    Jeremiah is correct on this, and frankly the staff has been very open in their acknowledgment of it. In that sense, there really is no debate to be had on this subject. We've pretty dramatically...
  14. Question: Re: If you could add one to this class, who?

    Only real answer here is Drew Richmond. I would have also have liked to have added another TE, of course, but you really cannot compare the importance of the two positions, so it's Richmond in a...
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    Re: WR KJ Hill Signs With Ohio State

    Moving forward, I don't know if there is anything substantive to this, or if this was just a violation of high school transfer rules.

    FWIW, our staff never backed off of Hill. I firmly believe we...
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