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    Re: Opinions on the "New" Finebaum Show

    Really I try at times to listen to PF but cannot stand to the nut callers so that means the show is on about 5-10 min tops! If I miss the show, it's no loss.
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    Not pertaining to SECN but I see Dish has added the Longhorn Network to their lowest tier (America 120+) channel 407. No rate change so I'm hoping the best for SECN.
  3. Re: Athletic Departments Paying Insurance for Student Athletes

    This is what I thought players were doing in the past. I sure don't see where the schools should be coming up with the money to pay insurance.
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    Re: Encouraging News about Bo Scarborough

    To be fair Rush, the site has only been in service for about 4 years but has excellent recruiting info and a everyday chat that is posted the next day so you can keep up with the latest news.
  5. Re: Who are the most likely candidates for the remaining six spots?

    Drew Richmond is saying Bama is on present.
  6. Re: Joker Phillips Resigns as Florida WR Coach

    Heard the violation was a bump meeting at a high school. Kind of tough to force a guy out for that.
  7. Re: FSU Will Wear New Uniforms & Has A Redesigned Logo

    Coach Bryant did have two different color helmets in a few games and the NCAA passed a rule quickly outlawing it. I saw a couple of the games myself. We worn solid white a lot then but I always liked...
  8. Link: Re: Dutch speedskating coach: US football 'sucks'

    You have to excuse that guy, probably sleeps with his ice skates. I had to get involved with soccer to like it in fact I was a center ref of the first complete game I ever saw, LOL. I went on to do...
  9. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    My Cheating Ways! The Truth! - Cam Newton

    How to Grow the Best Stadium Grass - Les Miles

    How a Wimp can act tough - Justin Bieber

    Safe Sex - Bill Clinton
  10. Re: Mississippi State's Renovation of Davis Wade Stadium Expected to be Completed by

    I used to kid some State friends of mine... "How do you guys do the wave? Do you run out a couple of guys in the north/south fields to keep it going?" I'll come up with something else.
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    Question: Re: Tennessee game replay online?

    ...I watched the game on-line at are just showing high-lights now tho
  12. Re: Could you see the Iron Bowl back in Birmingham one day?

    I'm old enough to remember Legion Field at a good time and in a good location. My high school (Phillips High) played all of its home games there, the homes from the field to Birmingham Southern was...
  13. Re: BAMA-LSU at same time as niece's 30th birthday party.... What would you do?

    Don't go. Your niece going to be P.O.'d at you anyway for posting on a public board she was turning 30.
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    Re: Any late words or thoughts on Ha Ha?

    Heard we will learn something this Thursday
  15. Re: When I Get Too Excited Or Mad Watching Bama On TV, My Wife Will Say At Least Once

    Mom used to say, "Good grief, the other team needs to win sometimes too!"
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