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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl L

    Cam's new dance move is called "The Turtle". After all, he did spend most of Super Bowl 50 on his back.
  2. Re: Did you go to the championship game?

    Done. Roll Tide :) Hope your classroom meets its funding goals. I will keep an eye on the progress throughout the day!
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    Re: Anyone Remember Clem Griscoe?

    His name was Clem Gryska. Yes, he was a very influential person in Alabama football history. Very well liked and loved by many. The stories that man could tell. I didn't know him, but saw him many...
  4. Re: The vote for Ken Stabler into the Pro Football HOF

    I read somewhere where this is the case. Can't wait. Madden gushes about Snake every time he talks.
  5. Re: The vote for Ken Stabler into the Pro Football HOF

    You ain't kidding. I am happy, however, that his family gets to celebrate. It's way overdue.
  6. The vote for Ken Stabler into the Pro Football HOF

    Hey guys. Today is the day! The voters will decide if Snake is in the Pro Football HOF. In my estimation, long overdue. NFL MVP - check. Super Bowl win - check. I think five-straight conference...
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    Re: Ken Stabler had Severe C. E. T.

    RIP, Snake.

    In better news, Hopefully Kenny will be inducted into the Pro Football HOF here in a couple of days. Long overdue.
  8. Re: ***Ben Davis announcement thread (Wed, 9AM CT, ESPNU)

    Heck yea! Roll Tide, Ben. Welcome Home.
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    Re: ***AJ Brown announcement thread (Wed, 9AM CT)

    Fingers crossed. I want to land this dude. I think he's going to be a STUD.
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    Boy, those road games are going to be tough. Easily, the Georgia game will be our best opportunity to get a "W", but that game won't be easy at all.

    Need to win all of our remaining home games to...
  11. Re: CB Nigel Knott Updates

    Heck Yea!

    Welcome, Nigel.

    And recruiting signing week starts off with a BANG!
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. USC...

    Good Gosh Almighty! SC has shot 22-40 from the charity stripe!! Imagine what the score would be if they could hit some of those? What are the percentages of the team winning a game when the other...
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    Re: 2016 Senior Bowl Thread

    Mike Mayock is an idiot.

    He said Jacob Coker wasn't very athletic. His athleticism is one of his greatest attributes.

    Also, he was talking about how Prescott beat Bama. What year was that,...
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    Re: Tyren Jones to SC

    If this kid stays out of trouble, I predict he will be an all-SEC type back.
  15. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    October 14th, 1977. I was born.
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