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  1. Re: St. Louis off duty cop kills teen, protests starting

    No problem, joking around and the reference was to Ferguson and the hair salon that kept getting broke into by rioters or I should say protesters. The article on this incident referred to protesters...
  2. Re: St. Louis off duty cop kills teen, protests starting

    It may be a time for a change of neighborhoods and leave the hair salon alone. :biggrin2:
  3. Re: Allegedly - 4 ISIS terrorists arrested crossing southern border in last 36 hours

    I don't think he would blend in too well here in Arab especially if he kept the beard, it's more of a moustache and goatee kind of place and I don't think a lot of the country gentlemen here would...
  4. Re: St. Louis off duty cop kills teen, protests starting

    I guess there's a lot of people who need free stuff so they're going to protest. Exactly what in the blue blazes did they expect the cop to do when the dude shoots at him other than maybe hit him...
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    Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    Alright buster, I'll have you know I'm retired Air Force and the only time I missed or messed up a salute it was an intentional left handed salute to a 2 Lt, fresh from the Academy or ROTC who...
  6. Re: 3-boobed Florida woman desires to be unattractive to men

    She went about it the wrong way, most guys like boobs. Someone here is going to say both hands and a mouth are now occupied. Question: If she had four would that make her livestock? :biggrin2:
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    Re: Trying To Buy A New CR-V

    Right now most dealers are running year end specials and depending on the vehicle and cost they can run up to $8k off. If the MSRP is around 26 or 27k I would think 24K is a little high. Wait them...
  8. Re: Three Afghan soldiers missing in Massachusetts

    Happens every time, one trip to the strip club and bingo, don't want the camels again . :biggrin2:
  9. Re: Russian aircraft intercepted by US and Canadian aircraft

    Back in the early 80's I was stationed at Galena AK and this was a fairly common occurrence. Every couple of weeks the alerts would go off and they would scramble the F-15's. It was an awesome sight...
  10. Re: Question regarding honorifics (retired Army)

    BINGO - this is the right answer in my opinion.

    I am retired and work with other retired members of the military as a civilian. On this specific instance the civilian address would be used. If it...
  11. Re: South Carolina man confesses to killing his 5 children

    Hanging would not be enough for this scum.
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    Re: Caption this pic!

    I promise, I wasn't the one who took the Little Debbie.
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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    Whoa Nellie, it's here at last. Wings and Brats are marinating, bar is clean and ready, beer is cold and flags are flying high Three daughters and 8 grandchildren coming to watch and I'm just...
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    Re: Cop in MO kills unarmed black teen

    I was listening to this at lunch but didn't catch it all. I thought he said he did not hear any shots but he was supposed to be looking out his window. That's one sound proof apartment.
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    Re: Cop in MO kills unarmed black teen

    Like the guy preaching about changing instead of looting, rioting and marching over injustice. Miller won't get his point across, too many don't want it that way.
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