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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season : LSU

    I like LSU to win a lot of games behind their very good OL and strong group of RBs. Chavis is a good coordinator and the stupid HUNH ofenses don't do much sitting on the bench watching their defense...
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    Re: Jarran Reed arrested for DUI

    Well, trying to get back to the football team just a bit.... I think Coach Saban has been pretty clear that he is going to have less time for people who foul up and more time for people who are...
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    Re: The new NC Trophy is pretty terrible.

    As famous place kicker Charlie Brown would say, "Blech". Designed so you can stick a football in the end? Seriously? Like those little plastic jobs shaped like a glove that they give 5-year-old...
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    Link: Re: Brandon Hill no longer on team

    So far as I am aware, whether Hill's weight issues are the crux of the situation is just fan speculation. There were lots of concerns about Cody being able to hack it when he was at 370. Hill's...
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Arrested

    Yep. I wouldn't do that now, but when I was 19..... TPD already has a reputation for overreacting. This won't help. Most officers I know are good men and women, but many of us have run into the...
  6. Link: Re: Offseason BUZZ from the Capstone: What we are hearing

    Absent some sort of disciplinary issue, I think CNS will start and play whomever he feels give us the best chance to beat the next opponent on the schedule.

    I hate to have to admit this, I...
  7. Re: Is the opener against West Virginia a trap game for Alabama?

    I won't give any score predictions till closer to the season. More than two months off, there are just far too many things that could happen on either side. But barring some sort of catastrophe of...
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    News Article: Re: UNC's McCants: 'Just show up, play'

    If what he says is true (and someone already pointed out he is a punk) I think this goes beyond the usual course of a few classes that are quite easy. Most colleges now have a basic core curriculum...
  9. Re: BOL: Former Clemson QB Chad Kelly Visits Alabama on Sunday

    The context makes a big difference here. JUCO coach bringing a batch of kids over for a visit, when maybe we are interested in one.... I'm betting that happens all the time and kids get tours and...
  10. Game Thread Re: OK, time for the big one - Bama vs. Florida, 7:00 PM, CDT, ESPN...

    Glad to have the thread up. Thanks. We had a thunderstorm here that messed up the satellite during the 6th inning on Sunday, but Tidefans to the rescue. And yes, I watched the golf, watched almost...
  11. Re: Womens softball WCWS action coming up - Bama vs. Kentucky...

    This. I've seen much better work behind the plate. And it wasn't just the JTrain. Kentucky's pitcher got hitters out on balls and walked them on strikes. Strike zone squeezed as the game went...
  12. Re: Womens softball WCWS action coming up - Bama vs. Kentucky...

    Just said the Kentucky pitcher has thrown 1000 pitches in the post season. Can that be right?
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    Re: SEC allows artificial noisemakers at games

    So can Miss State now add public address clanging? This is stupid. Home field advantage now brought to you by JVC, Fender and Bose.
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    Link: Re: McCarron: I Wasn't Healthy At Alabama

    Just my opinion, but if I had any influence over AJ whatsoever, I'd tell him to just shut up for awhile. Cancel twitter, quit reading newspapers or watching sports shows, ignore interview requests. ...
  15. Re: Comcast Creates Fake SEC Fan Website to Fight SEC Network

    Yes. As much as I believe that ESPN has an unhealthy and outsize influence on sports (and I really believe that) it is even more hypocritical for Comcast to be complaining about fees. But some of...
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