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  1. Thread: aTm @ USC

    by Alajambama

    Game Thread Re: aTm @ USC

    With good reason. It's hard to believe Spurrier doesn't have another QB to put in.
  2. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    I have always said and used "Coach Bryant". But out of respect I use "Coach" in front of any coach's name even Coach Dubose or Coach Shula. I do not use just their last names or an abbreviation but...
  3. Re: Kevin Norwood on 99.1 The Game: "Then you have the guy coming in from Florida Sta

    Coach Saban is not going to publically throw his guys under the bus. He has their backs when it comes to things like that. I bet behind closed doors and off camara, he came unglued.
  4. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    I honestly can't imagine Kiffin being an assistant. However, the thought of Layla wearing a crimson sun dress is quite interesting. The only true positive I can see is the absolute dumpster fire that...
  5. Re: Unsportsman like conduct call/no call and other ramblings

    The barn and LSU both gameplan for at least one TD based on blind luck and horrible officiating.
  6. Re: Unsportsman like conduct call/no call and other ramblings

    I understood Mason's action here to indicate he thought he should have won the Heisman. He struck the pose and pointed to his chest. Karma is awesome.
  7. Re: Things to Fix Before We Go After Wholesale Changes in Philosophy

    Most "dead on" post I've read in a long time.
  8. Re: Things to Fix Before We Go After Wholesale Changes in Philisophy

    My feelings excactly! The whole week before the barn game, this junk was all over social media and the sports networks. I know players had to at least wonder if anything was going to happen. Let's...
  9. Link: Re: Keep An Eye To The Sky Today & Tonight For Bad Weather

    I like It is basically a page of links, but it covers the whole state.
  10. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Texas really needs to do a case study in forcing out a long time successful coach. If they were to look at the what has happened to the other ut since giving Fulmer the boot, I think they would...
  11. Re: Jeremy Pruitt Thanks Saban for Coaching Opportunity During Broyles Award Speech

    I heard that when Jeremy was a player at Bama, Coach Stallings made the comment that if he could put his head on a faster body, he would have the perfect college football player. He knows his x's and...
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    Poll: Re: Who Do You PREFER to Win: Barn or FSU?

    I hope the barn never wins another competative sporting event. Not even intramural lawn darts. Plus, it will be pretty neat to see two former assistants for Coach Saban to win one. Living one town...
  13. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - charges to be filed...

    The DA mentioned her memory causing issues, I have to wonder if she is a little better off financially now than she was when this first came to light.
  14. Re: We Bleed Crimson!!!! Written and Sang by Jacob Stiefel

    Ft. Payne Alabama's own by the way. A lot of really good musicians come from DeKalb County. Check out Andrew Pope from Geraldine, AL. He's really good too.
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    Re: From a MIZZOU Tiger

    Playing on a so-called nuetral field may help you guys too. The ball bounces funny on the plains.
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