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  1. Re: Imo, Humphrey likely to be first Bama Soph drafted ever.

    Pretty sure Manziel was a red-shirt sophomore. As was Mackenzie Alexander and Eli Apple.
  2. Re: Tide OL Alphonse Taylor arrested, charged with DUI

    Offseason strikes again...
  3. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    You think this means a sanction is about to be handed down, or that there were even more violations found?
  4. Re: Alabama at SEC Media Days Today (7/13)

    Finebaum did say that Saban wasn't angry at him during the off-the-air discussion. More at the situation.
  5. Re: How would you grade Trey DePriests career at Bama?

    Trey was a solid LB for us. Good, not great. The problem lies in the fact that we're used to our LBs becoming the alpha dog and leading the team to a title under CNS. Ro did it. So did Donte, CJ and...
  6. Re: ***** 2017 RB Najee Harris Commits to Alabama *****

    This :puke:
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    Re: In August look for a big time commit

    realized my error. Is there no way to delete posts once they're up?
  8. Re: What Have You Learned Watching College Football in the Last Few Years?

    This. Most things, many out of your control, have to go right to win it all. Injuries and fluke plays played huge roles in just about every loss we've had the last 7 years. Not to belittle opponent...
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    Re: In August look for a big time commit

    What time is he announcing?
  10. Re: "LSU's Botched Recruitment of Tim Williams"

    Colossal error by Miles and his staff. TW has to be amped up every snap again LSU.
  11. Re: Who was the most unstoppable athlete in a video game ???

    Haha, thanks funny. But seriously, for me, it was Bo Jackson in Techmo Bowl. He literally couldn't be stopped if you knew what you were doing. We made it illegal to play wit the Raiders.
  12. Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse
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    Link: Re: Amari Cooper on Family Feud

    I love the prime-time FF. Steve Harvey is hilarious.
  14. Link: Re: Falcons making contingency plans on new stadium

    This stadium escalation is getting ridiculous. I know owners only care about butts in the seat, but when you're sitting so far away the players look like ants, it's just not an enjoyable experience....
  15. Re: 4 * WR Tyrell Shaver commits to Alabama

    Have a feeling this WR class is gonna be stacked. :cool2:
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