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  1. Game Thread Re: GEORGIA vs GT game thread (ACC vs SEC GAME THREAD)

    cuda.1973 I was born and raised here in georgia and believe me thats exactly what the majority of them are. Im an l.a.(landscape architect)and have had the displeasure of having to work with them on...
  2. Re: If Bama Beats the Barn, Who Do You Want in SECCG? Mizzu or Georgia?

    I would rather face miss state than you guys. Miss states players have no where near as much big game experience and i dont think they are ready to take the next step. Bama on the other...
  3. Re: What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    Its going to be a similiar outcome for allburnt when they face you guys. They simply dont have the beef(or the heart,looking at their performance)defensively to match up with your o line. They got a...
  4. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    Do us all a favor bama and hand the lil orange a large thumping!!
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    Re: Pick the score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    Crimson tide 35 little orange 10
  6. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    Crimson tide 35 West virginia 10
  7. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best SEC RB's of the BCS Era

    Surprised to see todd gurley or musa smith didnt make the list. Even though he was a troubled youth isaiah crowell was a great back. Robert edwards was a great back also even though his time in the...
  8. Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Notre Dame BCSNCG

    crimson tide 28 notre dame 7
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    Re: SEC this bowl season

    What many people fail to understand is the more time teams have to practice and prepare for an opponent the greater there chances are of being successfull. I always laugh at these fans from the big...
  10. Thread: Texas A&M

    by GADAWG1980

    Question: Re: Texas A&M

    Aggiescott,did you follow s.e.c football that closely before this season?? Anybody that has followed southeastern conference football for any length of time knows that defenses in this league are...
  11. Thread: Texas A&M

    by GADAWG1980

    Question: Re: Texas A&M

    Personally i think the nickname is really juvenile. I also think the player(manziel)is overhyped and overrated. Johnny football is going to learn that defenses in this league dont stand pat,they make...
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    Re: Who ya got? OU or aTm?

    Any real dawg fans going to be pulling for the s.e.c. team. The majority of our fanbase is not pulling for notre dame. I live/work/commute between athens and atlanta.
  13. Re: Question: Notre Dame never plays SEC there any specific reasons?

  14. Re: what are your thoughts on this years pre bcscg hat?

    To each his own but i cant understand why anyone would want to wear a cap with a flat bill like that. First thing i do after sizing a hat for fit is to make sure the bill is made of a material that...
  15. Re: Has anyone had a chance to watch any Notre Dame games?

    Notre dame does not have anywhere near the team speed defensively to slow down your rushing attack. I think tj yeldon is going to be a major contributor in this game. Depending upon how many carries...
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