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    Re: *** QB Jalen Hurts Commits to Alabama ***

    Sumlin met with Hurts over the weekend in an in-home visit and since A&M has lost all depth and real starter skill at QB, hurts now finds a&m "interesting"

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  2. Re: Kyle Allen Transferring... And Possibly Kyler Murray?

    Hopefully Hurts keeps his commitment to us. He's early enrolling so he has about a month to decide. I believe we start school back on the 12th.

    I think Hurts is the real prize QB of this class...
  3. JUCO K Eddy Pineiro officially decommits from UA

    I think everyone following recruiting knew this was coming for some time now.

    All signs point to him him choosingvFlorida now. Seems that he is Jim McElwain's prized recruit. Never seen so much...
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    Re: Why is OJ not being used?

    After alligator arming the ole miss interception last year when Blake threw to him I don't ask why we don't throw to him anymore.

    I think we all hopped on the hype train just by his size and his...
  5. Re: ALABAMA Kicker commit kicks 77 yard FG (video in link)

    I think he goes to Florida by the time signing day comes around. We have Griffith who is finally coming into form and is on fire right now and I do not think Pineiro would or should wait around to...
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    Question: Re: Potential Staff Replacements

    No one mentioning Bo Davis? Has been here a while and coaches our line. Would be a good promotion to me.

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    Re: Mark Richt Fired (per Mark Schlabach)

    It's been rumored that Cochran's allegiance is to Smart and wherever Smart goes Cochran will follow.

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    Question: Re: How can Coker improve down the stretch?

    Yeah I agree. Norwood and Cooper would be the duo I would like to have every day on any team. Two guys with the most reliable hands and clutch factor we've had in a long time. Crisp route runners...
  9. Re: Mississippi State Superfan 'Stingray' Quits Due To Alabama Fans

    I actually went to high school with the guy and he is probably one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. Alabama fans were even conversing and taking pictures with him in Starkville.

    The posters...
  10. Re: Week One Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    I meant it as if we're going to use our 1st string as KR and PR anyway then seeing Marlon back there after seeing him return punts at Hoover would be fun to watch.
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    34-14 Bama
  12. Re: Week One Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Yeah I'm with you, I'm not really at ease with some of our best players returning punts and kicks. It would be interesting to see Marlon Humph back there after seeing the ability he had for returning...
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    Re: Trevor Lacey Transferring

    Seems like a lot of good players in recruiting and those already have dont enjoy the style of play Grant has implemented. I really wanted Bruce Pearl :/. Say what you want but he can coach basketball...
  14. Re: Is it time for the immigration legislation to focus on arabs, not Mexicans?

    Chechens* probably Muslim but not arab

  15. Re: Is it time for the immigration legislation to focus on arabs, not Mexicans?

    I agree with you. That is what some muslims, the fanatics, believe to be true. Every religion has their fanatics though and not every religious person is a good person. Any realistic muslim will tell...
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