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  1. Re: ***2016 DT Kendell Jones Commits to the Tide***

    Welcome to Title Town Kendell - Roll Tide Roll!!!
  2. Re: ***2016 DB Joshua Perry Commits to Alabama***

    Welcome to Title Town Josh!
  3. Re: *** 2018 OL Dare Rosenthal Commits to Alabama***

    Could be Nick and Avery have a pact (blue font)
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    Re: Jeff Garrett Transferring From Alabama

    I like your thinking...Avery is tuned into quite a network so I tend to think he is working his Texas roots.
  5. Link: Re: Four-star OG Deonte Brown Commits To Alabama

    Roll Tide Deonte Brown! Welcome to Title Town USA!
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 4/23/15

    Just thanking you for all you do Allie - Thank you!
  7. Re: I think we're in the midst of an unprecedented streak.

    Yea, we really are on a tear with Saban at the helm! It really feels good to bask in light of this success and you are right - midst being the operative word - we are just getting this thing crunked...
  8. Re: Let's Enjoy It, TideFans! A Plea for a more Positive Attitude!

    Nice thread Moon. Yea, I remember back in the Franphoney days...listening to the games on the radio by long distance telephone call overseas (before internet streaming). We were a hungry group back...
  9. Re: *** 2016 OL Chris Owens (Texas) Commits to Alabama ***

    Great news, Roll Tide Chris Owens!!!
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    Question: Re: Kiffin's final year with the Tide?

    Keep in mind that he as failed at a couple of big time gigs already. Failure is part of success and my take is that he is learning to succeed as a head coach from one of the most successful in the...
  11. JessN: Re: A-Day Review: Alabama will win with defense in 2015

    Damien Harris is going to turn some heads immediately. I look for him to break into the rotation as a true frosh.
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    Re: Appears Ricky Tarrant is Transferring

    Yea, this is my thought as well except we may be in a better position than you think. No inside info only a hunch I have from several comments AJ has made that started shortly after he landed at the...
  13. Link: Re: Harbaugh takes a stand, shows "American Sniper" after university cancels it.

    Fair enough but it is sports related and this is the off season. I mean, if someone likes political correctness then they can certainly not read this thread. I like the comments frankly.
  14. Link: Re: Harbaugh takes a stand, shows "American Sniper" after university cancels it.

  15. Link: Re: CAJ embraces something Grant and Gottfried didn't

    Nice article which created a point and backed it up pretty well. But the real point is that Coach Avery Johnson is on another level than anything we have in college basketball today. The dude is a...
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