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  1. Re: ACC Official and Winston Pre-Game: Your Take?

    He said "we are giving every inch man, you aren't always gonna get it" thats what she said
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    Re: Fix our deep ball defense.

    on both of those plays a DL was in pursuit but slipped and fell down giving him a split second to heave that pass down the field. we just need better shoes
  3. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    My 19 month old has been to every home game the past two seasons. He was 6 months at the first game, and he slept through most of the games yes even the loud ones. This season he has been much more...
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    Re: Question About Ga Dome Security

    While I'm not at all knocking the practice or saying don't do it, I never have understood sneaking alcohol into a stadium. I love alcohol as much as the next guy, but the lengths to which some...
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    Re: Western Carolina is/was a dirty team

    There were plenty of punches thrown and players shoved to the ground after plays that didn't make it on tv or get flagged. Maybe it wasn't dirty, but they sure do have sportsmanship problems

  6. Re: Awesome Video From the Skydive into Bryant-Denny Yesterday

    I'm right next to the visitors section, it was loud, one of the loudest in a long time, thinking back to 09 vs Tenn and 05 vs UF. We actually stood up most of the game because everyone else was. ...
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    Re: Artificial Noisemakers in BDS

    They aren't allowed at BDS. We sit next to the visitor section, I'll be keeping a close eye out for them :)

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  8. Link: Re: Blake Sims' Alabama Legacy Starts or Ends with LSU Game

    Sims grew up a UGA fan, and wanted to go to UGA, despite having a relationship with CMR since 9th grade, UGA never really pursued him until the last minute. I remember the original article and...
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    Re: Tuscaloosa 2nd best town in the SEC?

    every street in Athens is Bourbon St..
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    Re: AU gets away with another one.

    They play went 10 yards for a first down
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    Re: Justin Worley still in the game.

    Apparently that's the teams Nutritionist, she has 3 kids...

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  12. Re: CFN Barn vs Black Bears or is it the Rebels (Ole Miss)

    Find an Auburn fan that thinks Ole Miss is going to win, bet the 25 cents Ole Miss loses, that way you are betting against an Auburn fan for Ole Miss to lose.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT - Postgame Thread****

    I think Peterman and Worley are similar types of qbs, I may be wrong, but thats what I thought I heard at some point.
  14. Re: Louisville restaurant drops crab legs from menu with Winston coming

    I saw that last night, made me laugh!
  15. Notre Dame Freshman receiver "dating" a 44 year old porn star

    I'm not sure what to think of this. its funny, sad, disturbing.. at least shes real I guess....

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