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  1. Re: According to BOL Officials Warned the Staff of a Penalty if Bama Players Celebrat

    You think those hits would have received "Bingo", or "Thats a Goodie" from Coach Bryant... LOL
  2. News Article: Re: Bama Vegas Favorite to win NC- 6 to 1 and Barn 12-1

    When Vegas had us a 7 point favorite over Ole Miss, I was surprised I thought it should have been 10 or more. I having followed the vegas line and Bama over the years (no I dont bet) I did not...
  3. News Article: Bama Vegas Favorite to win NC- 6 to 1 and Barn 12-1
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    Re: Thanks for Tidefans Board

    I had a couple of vacations during Frannie and Dubose. only a day or so but I did deserve it..... See now I am all educated. Not refined or aged though,
  5. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    Get real its only 4 ounces of pot, 112 grams makes it sound like bale.... What a mess.
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    Re: Coach Saban upset with high expectations

    I will say this I grew up with Coach Bryant and I cannot ever recall him making comments like that. He did go after the media and especially wormy Finebaum . He NEVER talked to the fans like CNS...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Hawg style

    When Lane can win 3 nation championships with his offense then ill be the first on his bandwagon. But he has not proven a thing yet. If he has please educate me.
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    Re: What's wrong with the offensive line?

    Well there is your problem resides with that line of thought. We are not going to change our offense to play to one players strengths and he is gone next year. Like the Auburns of this world. ...
  9. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    I wonder how many cases of Spray on Teflon has Fisher ordered. If this plays out as he is Winston is guilty, then if I am on the board, Fisher has to go also.
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Hawg style

    I try to not post on this thread but here goes

    Good- The Defense Play Bama defense .except for 3 and long break downs.
    Bad - The Offensive Coordinator -
    Ugly - Lane Kiffin
  11. Re: Georgia Suspends Todd Gurley for NCAA Violations

    Oh you mean the Atlanta Journal of Communism. The Bham News and the AJC are kissing cousins IMHO.
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    Re: Bama "Fan" DisOwns The Tide On Video

    My question to the Mods. Why hasnt this been relegated to the Other board or Trash? It has no bearing on Football and its cluttering up our Football forum. Thanks for any consideration .
  13. Re: Bama History (Bryant rebuilding the program)

    If I recall Coach Bryant had just sued the Saturday Evening Post for a few million. Georgia Tech was part of the lawsuit. Coach Bryant won the lawsuit thus this hate from the Ga Tech fans.

  14. Re: Bama History

    Well I wonder if we have too many 5 star superstars on this team and not enough hungry kids wanting that are hungry to win. I dont see kids like Sunseri with the passion he displayed. Heck go back...
  15. Link: Re: State Trooper choke slams an Ole Miss student

    There are photos and stories of when we played Ga Tech in Atlanta and the students were throwing whiskey bottles at Coach Bryant he has on a football helment on the sideline.
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