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  1. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Alabama ***

    I look for him to end up a UGA, they've been all over him.
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    Re: Dr Lou out at ESPN

    Honestly, I don't really think I'll miss him at all.
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    Re: Welcome to Bama Nation, Coach Avery Johnson!

    Welcome and Roll Tide Coach Johnson, we're glad your here.
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    Re: OT Jonah Williams commits to Bama!!!

    Finally some good news for the program! Welcome Jonah Williams and Roll Tide! In a couple of years we will have a California lineman blocking for a California QB. That'll be a first for the Tide!
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    Re: Bo Scarborough injured - confirmed torn ACL

    We all know these things happen in football but man I really hate this for Bo. Hopefully he'll come back stronger. Roll Tide Bo, rehab well!
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Yes I think he held for kicks all last season. If he does move to WR this fall, I think it shows that he is happy at Alabama and wants to get on the field at WR. We just don't know if this trial at...
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    Re: Geno Smith Arrested

    I thought if we get through spring break we'll be OK. I guess not.
  8. Re: Bobby Johnson Replaces Archie Manning on CFP Committee

    But what will Art Briles think?
  9. Re: Early buzz on Alabama’s new No. 1 receiver

    I'm really glad to see Robert Foster stepping up his game. This guy's high school film is really good and he's going to be a really good one. He is capable of returning kicks but I'm not really sure...
  10. Re: If you could only go to two home games this year, which would you pick?

    I got to go with these two also. Ole miss will show up for their annual butt whipping but this year has a little pay back coming. LSU is always a slobber knocker and will be this year as well. RTR!
  11. Re: Bama gymnastics wins SEC Championship tonight

    Congrats and Roll Tide! SEC champs!
  12. Re: LINK: Are You Smarter Than An NFL Draft Pick? Take the Wonderlic test to find out

    I got 14 missed 1. I scrolled down and took the "Gun" test and failed miserably. Oh well.
  13. Re: Mississippi State Football Has a Rough Spring Break

    Holding my breath!
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Guys why would Coach Saban forget how to coach DB's when we've had shut down corners on previous teams? I did not like the way we defended long passes last year, but we have to give these players a...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    We know that the new secondary coach is fresh from the NFL so I'm sure he's up on any new techniques for those positions. I think with the talent in CB's and S's that we have, we will be good again.
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