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  1. Thread: Horse Racing

    by Mob-Bama

    Re: Horse Racing

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Pachaderma!! I too can never get enough of that race and that horse!! I've tried to research if he still has any descendants left to race & I still don't know. By...
  2. Thread: Horse Racing

    by Mob-Bama

    Re: Horse Racing

    I like to watch the horse races because horses are so beautiful. I'm only sorry I only get to watch it 3 times a year. I just don't believe the "whipping" is painful--it couldn't possibly be--I...
  3. Re: Black, Hispanic kids face barriers to future success than whites/asians

    They may have been "shipped by Europeans" but they were sold into servitude by their tribes/families/fellow countrymen.
  4. Re: Holy Grail Found (or so it is being claimed)

    So, was Da Vinci around for "The Last Supper"?
  5. Replies

    Re: Noah--Anybody Going To See It?

    I tried to read this but, heck, I needed a dictionary badly! Bottom line, I won't see it.
  6. Re: Anyone following the Oscar Pistorius trial?

    Why would an "intruder" go into the bathroom? That's what I find hard to believe.....
  7. Re: Interesting article from SI

    That's pretty funny. Enjoyed it.
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    Re: Zap Your Buds With This Joke

    Well, I liked it. Thank you very much.
  9. Re: "60 Minutes" Interview On Superior Autobiographical Memory To Air Sunday, January

    I would NOT like to be the parent of a child with this ability. (My children (2 boys) already remember most of my parental mistakes.)

    Also, are there any historical figures they think may have...
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    Re: My Thoughts for Today

    You can't leave at half-time, don't you know???
  11. Re: It's not just Alabama fans who are "spoiled". A lot of other fanbases are to.

    I don't believe it (the BCS, that is) would have changed if the SEC hadn't gotten to and won sooo many championships. And I think that 2012 (when 2 teams not only from the same conf. but also same...
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    Re: Contract extension...

    I don't think that would have helped....just sayin'
  13. Re: "Missouri's the best team we will have played all year."-Jay Jacobs (Auburn AD)

    O.K., since this wasn't in blue I will tell you..."Never Again" is what was in the locker room (I guess) after we lost 28-27 in 2010 (to Scam & Co). I was wondering before the game this year where...
  14. Re: An observation about Auburn fans and the Alabama/Auburn relationship.

    I disliked this post because it's just wrong--at least the parts I bolded (is that a word?).
  15. Re: Thanks to Coach Saban, his staff and the players...especially the Seniors...

    I will certainly join you!! Excellent post.
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