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  1. Re: Caption this pic: Dabo and Saban and the Onside

    Saban: Packs of mouth breathers make me laugh.
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    Re: CAPTION THIS* "Angry A'Shawn Robinson"

    Reporter: "Clubber, excuse me, A'Shawn, what's your prediction for Monday?"
    A'Shawn: "Prediction?....Pain."
  3. Re: Congratulations Julio Jones on an All-Pro season

    As someone who follows the Falcons pretty close, I couldn't disagree with this more. You are correct that the Falcons gave up alot to move up in the 2011 draft to get Jones (they wanted either AJ...
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    Re: AJ wins an award

    This is a golden opportunity for AJ. He's probably not going to supplant Dalton since Dalton is a top 10 QB in the league and that's quite a treasure in today's game. But AJ could be auditioning for...
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    Re: It's Official: Bama v. Michigan St.

    I believe the last time we lost to a pro-style offense was LSU in 2011. MSU is very good but they aren't as good as 2011 LSU.
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    Re: Ok- who would we rather play in the CFP....

    I will be shocked if we aren't #2 and playing Oklahoma. As an aside, I believe Oklahoma would be favored over all playoff teams including us though we would have the smallest spread.
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    Link: Re: Coach Smart to UGA

    I agree, in the NFL you can't take a position until the season is over, and then you have plenty of time to assemble a staff in advance of free agency and the draft. In college you have a month from...
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    Link: Re: Coach Smart to UGA

    I'm sure they're thick as thieves, but if Coach Saban wants him bad enough to give him the financial incentive to stay then he will. Based on UGA's history of being tight with money in the athletic...
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    Link: Re: Coach Smart to UGA

    Agree completely. Kirby won't be able to out bid Alabama for Cochran if we really want to keep him, only because the decision makers at UGA aren't going to immediately have the highest paid S&C...
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    Re: NY Times Article on our Transition in 2016

    This sounds like the same song and dance as the last few years. Going into both the 2014 and 2015 seasons the thought was that they would be rebuilding years. After the 2013 season season we had...
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    Question: Re: How good is Oklahoma?

    I agree with this sentiment. Playing them in the semis probably gives us a better chance. There are only 3 teams that truly scare me, Ohio St, Stanford, and Oklahoma. I'm probably being an arrogant...
  12. Re: Coker scramble/td pass play is amazing when watching replay:

    This play was Coker's best play of the year. The third down scramble a few plays before where he didn't get the 1st down but put us in a position to go for it on 4th was huge as well. A very solid...
  13. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings tonight (update on page 2)

    I don't think OK State will win out, but if they did, I can't imagine them not being in the top 4 even if ND wins out as well. There would be an enormous amount of uproar, and not just from the Big...
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    Re: Playoff picture 11/15/15

    I completely agree. I think ND is in the top 4 as a placeholder until the big 12 gets sorted out. Based on what I saw last night, Oklahoma would be a tough out in the playoffs. Them and Ohio st...
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    Game Thread Re: Oklahoma vs Baylor

    Oklahoma has a good non-conference road win against the vols and looks like a team that can win out. If ND loses to Stanford, then OK probably gets in.
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