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  1. Re: WVU- What are You Hearing? It's Quiet. A Little Too Quiet...

    I am hearing they "really love" the 27 point spread that is forcasted!

    Beyond that, the QB is predicted to have a stellar year. He is another Florida State transfer. I expect they will bring the...
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    Re: West Virginia Game, Who's Going?

    Bama wins big. As for tickets; no tickets are allowed to be sold outside the stadium (within a mile, I think). Best get them before getting to the stadium. You can get online at some places for...
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    Re: WVU tickets received

    Received mine. Section 305.
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    Poll: Re: Best 1980s Bama Team?

    I am with the majority....1980. I remember the 86 game vs LSU. I recall my sons first game and his questions after the game...."Dad, were we supposed to lose?" NO! Not the way we moved the ball...
  5. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    Enjoyed all of the posts above, mostly. It is a good thread for June.

    Interesting data going back to the 70s.

    I love the success under Saban and truly believe in his approach.

    I would love...
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    Re: 2014 Roster announced

    Well, the roster has been updated to include Christophe.

    I like the comment above about the possibility of us being likened to "Swiss Cheese". Through in a Belgium person and they could accuse...
  7. Re: Bama-West Virginia game tickets available thru WV ticket office

    Ditto. I ordered 4. I expect it to be a better game than the 24 point spread suggests. I hope I am wrong.

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    Re: How do you feel about the Sugar Bowl loss?

    I feel like a LOSER! It never feels good to lose. One can put a good face on it an all but it sucks! A big case of underachieving for a team that had all the talent for a national championship. ...
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    Re: Jameis Winston: Dallas to Dallas

    I was discussing schedules with my FSU cousin recently. IIRC, FSU has a stronger (on paper) OOC schedule than Bama with OSU, Notre Dame and Florida on the schedule. I do not disagree that the ACC...
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    Re: SEC-TV Question

    I have only one possibility; DirecTV. I am hearing to expect that IF it is available, it will likely be within a bundle that will cause rates to go up $2- 5 per month. Anyone got anymore specifics...
  11. Link: Re: Three Departing Players Explain What Went Wrong in 2013

    I still think the fact that many out of state origin players do not have the appreciation of the IB game is more than some on this board realize. It is not the value of one game by the player alone....
  12. Link: Re: Three Departing Players Explain What Went Wrong in 2013

    My thoughts exactly. However, I believe the demographics of out team with a majority of the 2 deep roster NOT being from Alabama has something to do with the Auburn game being "just another game".....
  13. Re: Admit it - You hired Kiffin solely to upset Tennessee and make them dislike you m


    As an overachiever, I can say that is exactly why we hate to see an underachiever continue to fall into a bed of roses. As a Bama fan, I sure hope that this will not be a continuation of his...
  14. Link: Re: CBS, Tim Brando Parting Ways After 18 Years Together

    I hate to say it, but I think you spot on.
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    Re: Picture of CNS and CLK together

    There's a lot of others "pics" out there that are just as flattering.
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