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  1. Re: Active Shooter Killed On Ohio State Campus

    This is what channel 10 out of Columbus is reporting on their site:
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    Re: Fidel Castro Dead at 90...

    Personally, for the folks I know that have fled Cuba or have family still there, I hope the U.S. does not send a representative to the funeral.
  3. Re: Active Shooter Killed On Ohio State Campus

    A radical ran his car into some people and then got out and started stabbing them. Police shot the person. Been following the story all morning here in southern Ohio.
  4. Re: Chapel Hill, NC students chose to dress up as Hitler.

    IMO, this crosses basic guidelines and should not be allowed at that grade level.
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    Re: "Sissy" is a gay slur?

    Just about anything a person says today is a slur if it's not politically correct. I am not too big on political correctness.
  6. Re: Former Auburn DE Quenton Groves Passes Away At 32

    Always sad to hear about the death of a young person.
  7. Re: Bama opens as a 17 pt favorite over A&M??????

    Personally, I think the spread is a little high but I do expect Bama to win, just not sure on the cover.
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    Game Thread: Re: Buckeyes @ Whisky (ABC)

    I have to agree with tattooguy 21. Meyer and the Bucks are a good team but struggled last night against Wisconsin on the road. Bama has also struggled at various times during the year but found a way...
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    Re: A Late Good, Bad and the Ugly

    Good- most complete game of the year

    Bad- coverage on special teams

    Ugly- The song Rocky Top
  10. Re: Yoko Ono and Hillary Clinton - Had an Affair

    True or not, that's just gross IMO.
  11. Link: Re: Jim Nantz on hot mic calling out Anthem protesters......

    IMO, he has a right to express his opinion just like the protesters. Good for him!
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    Re: Where is ValuJet

    So are you saying he could be swimming with the fishes?
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    Re: UK: Woman's 7 inch sex toy nightmare

    I would have been happy to take care of the problem, free of charge.
  14. Question: Re: When Does Brian Kelly Start Feeling the Heat in South Bend?

    IMO, I think he is safe at the end of this season bc he just signed a long, contract extension. Personally, I like Kelly but hate nd. Hopefully, they will keep losing ANd keep him around for another...
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    Re: Say Something Nice About Tennessee

    Nashville is a nice place to live.
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