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    Re: Michigan at Utah

    He's probably one of those guys who'll never leave for another job.
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    Question: Re: Hello, and now for my first question

    Welcome Harmless. You have chosen the best board to join. What is your take on the Hogs now that your #1 running back is out?
  3. Re: CFN: Alabama vs. Wisconsin: Week 1 Fearless Prediction

    I'm going 34-10 Bama.
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    Re: Ten last-minute thoughts...

    Muschamp may be successful down at the barn but I've never been impressed with his coaching acumen. He gets mad on the sideline and makes really scary faces that tend to intimidate his players. I...
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    Re: What are you cooking for the game?

    Burgers on the grill and homemade fries! RTR!
  6. Re: Finebaum Interviews Saban for ESPN's Outside the Lines

    Twitter will now be part of the process? I always thought it was clutter! RTR!
  7. Re: Week One Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Hey RTR91, before this board gets very busy from football I just wanted to thank you for all the reports and links you post. The practice reports have really been appreciated. Mods like you make this...
  8. Re: Will Alabama really and truly be a contender this year?

    This! RTR!
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    I'm going with 31-10 Bama! Roll Tide!
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    Re: GameFace Check!!!

    My GameFace is so on!! Roll Tide!
  11. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Maybe just my crimson sunglasses but I'm thinking Coker will settle down and be a really good QB with more game experience. He needs some confidence and the only way to be more confident is to get in...
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    Re: Play QB at Bama if want a cute girlfriend

    Blake, my man!
  13. Re: What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    Thank you, this is what I was attempting to say.
  14. Re: What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    I meant shut the rumors down, not all discussion . Lighten up!
  15. Re: What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    Social media makes everyone an "insider" that wants to be. Let's quash the rumor stuff and if it comes out, we'll all know! RTR!
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