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    Re: Vote for SEC ESPN logo

    as always...the Auburn fans have hijacked an story/thread
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Tweet

    Those were my favorite workouts to watch...from the top of the spirals. Good 'ol off-season workouts.
  3. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    This is the ONLY reason to add boards like this. It gives you more space to place ads that can rotate...which means generating more revenue. The owners and investors of the Jaguars always care more...
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Tweet

    We used to end some of our workouts with laps around the track. Sprint the straightaways and jog the curves. We'd probably put in an extra mile doing 8 sprints...with the main purpose to...
  5. Re: Found this video. Take a look at Bryant Denny in 1985. Wow what a difference

    always nice to hear John Forney's voice talking about the Crimson Tide

    it's like a nice serving of comfort food
  6. Re: Board of Trustees Approves Upgrades to BDS

    I first wanted to think that maybe it was to make sure you didn't walk out with your fly open...but it's a that won't work.

    Troughs...and urinals without walls make my skin crawl. Sorry...
  7. News Article: Re: Long-rumored Joe Namath biopic showing signs of life with director James Mangold

    whoever ends up playing Namath will need some big hands

    Having read "Rising Tide" was clear that this would make a fantastic movie.
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    Link: Re: NCAA Men's Golf Championship

    I *think* this site has live updates on the scoring for the semi-finals.

  9. Re: BOL Report: Alabama QB Parker McLeod Transferring

    2004 called and asked to talk to you ;)
  10. Re: As Usual Nick Saban is the winner (NFL Draft)

    Was it Robinson who held on the miracle catch pay against UGA? I know someone held to give Marshall time to make that throw.
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    Re: Northwestern Votes on Unionizing Today

    fixed it for you ;)
  12. Re: Slive lays out plan for new NCAA subdivision.

    The NCAA is a victim of its own success. College Football becoming a multi-billion dollar sport made the NCAA the power it is...but will also run the train off the tracks. It's the only sport that...
  13. Re: Georgia Tech spring game reportedly attracts 117 fans

    So...even with 1,000 people in that enough to call it a "glorified practice"?

    or is it still just a "practice"?
  14. Re: Chick-fil-A Puts the "Peach" Back Into the Beach Powl

    some sponsors like Chick-fili-A can do this and still make an impact...because both CFA and the Peach Bowl are products of Atlanta

    Others see the traditional name as real estate they cannot afford...
  15. Link: Re: Are spring games like "A Day" going by the wayside? (Link)

    It will not go least in Tuscaloosa...for the following reasons:

    1) TV Money - ESPN will air the game...perhaps even as part of the SEC Network...for the foreseeable future
    2) Local...
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