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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Vandy

    Unless Dorrell somehow learned to coach in the off-season, this team is gonna be baaad...
  2. Link: Re: Offseason BUZZ from the Capstone: What we are hearing

    Just so I'm clear -- only the first page of this thread has any offseason reports, right?
  3. Game Thread Re: Bama vs. Kennesaw State (Regional Championship)

    Ok, have it your way: we should expect losses to Kennesaw St. because they are a mega talented team with a strong winning pedigree and generally make our program look inferior.

    Refreshing take. ...
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    Re: Projected regional is....

    Well, Kendall was right. Kennesaw St. Friday.
  5. Re: Frank Haith Close to Signing Contract at Tulsa

    So, this was weird...

    I agree with imauafan though, Mizzou fans should be relieved.
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    Re: Cuonzo Martin leaving ut

    Haha, yeah, this has been the sequence. The guy seemed desperate to get out; rightfully so, probably - Vol fans were calling for blood before the late season/tourney run, and while the run bought...
  7. Re: FSU Will Wear New Uniforms & Has A Redesigned Logo

    They just brutally murdered one of CFB's best unis...
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    Re: My Take on Bruce Pearl

    Flashback to 2005 and this would've been the thought surrounding his first Tenn team.
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    Re: Top 10 Packers of all time

    Also a bit of system product.
  10. Re: Diamond Notes : No. 21 Alabama Hosts Stephen F. Austin This Weekend

    Would be encouraging if this weren't a steady continuation of last year's hitting performance.
  11. Re: *** 2014 LB Keith Holcombe Commits to Alabama ***

    Those are all very different players -- is there some rule that white players can only be compared to other white players? ;)
  12. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why

    Impossible to pick, but I'll say Hand or Evans. The staff has pinpointed the need for quick edge rushers, and these two are exactly that, albeit in two very different forms. They'll also be good...
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    Re: Franklin leaves Vandy for Penn State

    My post was meant to be in response to the recruiting "to that level" comment.
  14. Link: Re: Fluker says Bama practices were tougher than NFL practices.

    NFL teams practice?
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    Link: Re: Dillon Lee's ready for a bigger role

    Well, I hope he gets that bigger role. The LB rotation could use an injection of athleticism, and he may be our most athletic LB.
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