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    Re: I got good news about my new job

    Congratulations! Keep up the obviously good work.
  2. Re: Micheal Bloomberg on immigration and the economy

    He is a liberal politician. Like most, he is adept at lying to push an agenda.
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    Re: Would appreciate some prayers

    You've got friends praying for you here. Sounds like you have a plan to get back on track and the time off may be just what you need. Hope it all helps.
  4. Re: Titans (former LSU) QB Mettenberger punched by Bama fan

    If I ever do anything that might get me in trouble I am going to say "War Eagle," if you get my drift. Wouldn't make me an Auburn fan but it would serve a purpose.
    Anyone can say "Roll Tide!"
  5. Re: Gov. Perry sending 1000 NG troops to border

    It is about time. Watching the federal reaction will be interesting. They may not like the polling results if they stand in the way of this.
  6. Re: How Do We Protect This Country From The Average Voter?

    Nothing will change until there are consequences for corruption and lying. Educating the electorate would help but politicians are adept at lying and stealing. The corruption is so ingrained in our...
  7. Re: Cop kills guy by choke out for selling cigarettes

    Here is anther link about the incident:
  8. Re: Cop kills guy by choke out for selling cigarettes

    This is a horrible loss for that man's family. I hope the proper justice is served but, like you, I doubt it will be.
  9. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    Yes, that would go a long way in improving the diets of many American families. That is if that were really the objective rather than control.
    Go ahead Michelle, propose that, I dare you.
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    Re: Dad beats man who was molesting his son

    "The Dad was acting like a dad. I donít see anything we should charge the dad with,Ē Chitwood said.
    Kudos to the way the situation was handled. The traumatized child at least knows who his father...
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    Re: Israel invades Gaza, ground war

    Solutions have been offered and the Palestinians have refused to accept anything but the total removal of Israel. There will be no peace ever as long as Palestine holds this attitude. Israel has...
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    Re: Someone Just Shot Down a 777 over Ukraine

    Horrible, no matter who did this. Prayer and sympathy for the victims families.
  13. Re: NC Dad endures the "Hot Car Challenge" to raise awareness

    Well duh. I hadn't even thought of that. We use it in the winter but it would be great when we have the grandchildren when it's hot. Thanks TideMom.
  14. Re: It looks like the feds knew the immigration crisis was on us in January

    Senator Sessions is...
  15. Re: California outlaws the use of the words "husband & wife"

    Ok? Let's propose some replacement terms: little buddy, matey, or maybe pal to go along with palimony.
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