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    Re: Bret Bielema takes a couple of digs at Bama

    I have watched some of the ESPN coverage since Media Days and am amazed at opponents and coaches fixation with Alabama. As on commentator stated last night on the coverage, Alabama has been the "gold...
  2. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    I have always called him Coach Bryant. I got this from my Brother in Law who played and coached for him. He was clear that it was ALWAYS Coach Bryant or just Coach unless it was a contemporary that...
  3. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    Interesting info I came up with out of boredom. This is not scientific at all but a cursory look at games against "HUNH" teams that Alabama has played since 2009 shows that Alabama has given up more...
  4. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    To say we are in trouble at QB just because of this is quite presumptuous. We have 4 and 5 stars all over the roster, great coaching and the best training in CF. I also think that all of the talk...
  5. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming loss on referees.

    A barner I work with who is otherwise a reasonable guy swears that there is an SEC conspiracy that allows Bama to hold on every play. I thought that he was kidding for the longest because he is a...
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    Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    I agree, This solves the problem. Don't give in to the coach screaming from the sideline or the QB "spotting" the ball and racing to the line of scrimmage. Simply call the game according to the rules...
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    Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    As for the offense itself I have no problem with it. Like Earle said it is really not the offense itself. The problem I have is the manipulation of the rules and integrity of the game. If you watched...
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    Re: Great Points re: Rooting for AU vs FSU

    I see it this way. I simply will not and can not cheer for the barn. It is not an alleged rapist versus auburn. If so, do you disregard the fact that the barn starts a thief at qb. Not an alleged...
  9. Re: Odds Bama beats Auburn at Bryant Denny in 2014?

    I kinda feel like I should start this post out with a MOOOO, but you asked so here you go. The barn typically hasn't shown any consistency from year to year and with the season much like 2010 when...
  10. Re: You can make one change for the good of College Football?

    I think one simple answer is to set a specified time for which the ball can be marked ready for play. I never have understood why at the end of a half or near the end of the game the referees...
  11. Re: Found an ancient treasure---my Sugar Bowl tix from the 73 game v. Notre Dame!

    Thanks for the thread on this. Last week I came across my stubs to the 1976 Liberty Bowl. I share some memories with Exiled. I went to the game with my dad who was a passionate fan. My now ex brother...
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    Re: Your Opinions about the HUNH?

    I don't care what the system is, like others have said, I have a problem with an exploitation of the rules. Why do officials race to spot a ball at times and other times spot it in the normal course...
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    Re: Post Iron Bowl Workplace Smack Talk

    In 2010 I made it a point to congratulate all barner co workers on their win and on the NC. I have yet to hear a response from any on the 2011 and 2012 IB or NC games. I congratulated all by email...
  14. Re: Gus Malzahn needs a nickname...any suggestions?

    like it was stated above, most good nicknames come naturally. He will eventually EARN his. For the time being I kinda like Mr. Kristy
  15. Re: Question re: Auburn Game & Experience w/Their Fans on Their Campus?

    this is probably a reply from the wrong source, but together they are cultish. I have been several times and they are a arrogant bunch when grouped together. I had my car trashed in 1989(I think, 1st...
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