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    Re: Still in contention - What's the big deal?

    I've had to step away a little bit. I was really frustrated after the Ole Miss game. I just recorded the Arky game and watched it later. I'm glad I did. I knew the outcome and could watch the game...
  2. Re: Ole Miss and Alabama Offense and Defense Stats

    Articles and info like this are why I like tidefans. I've watched football my whole life, and played when I was young, but I've learned more in depth information about high level football from this...
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    Re: The Making of Blake Sims, ESPN Article

    It was clear from his improvement that this young man put in some tremendous work over the summer, but the light also just went on for him. I've seen that with high school kids I've been around. It's...
  4. Re: Ole Miss Game Week Practice Reports and Media Appearances

    It will always be how good their defense was or wasn't. It will never be that Bama was just better than another good team for some people. Some of these talking heads will be screaming that the SEC...
  5. Re: Ole Miss and Alabama Offense and Defense Stats

    I'm just struggling to see Bo Wallace beating Bama. The guy has never impressed me. I think they have a good defense as well, but if Blake's shoulder is right they are going to have to pick their...
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    Re: Love affair with Texas A&M

    The Bama hate is reaching epic proportions. I was talking to a couple of friends last night, one is an FSU fan and one is a UF fan. I live in Florida so this explains the company I'm forced to keep...
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    Re: Pick the score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    48-17 Bama

    I just don't believe in Ole Miss. I've heard the hype too many times, and Bo is still Bo. If Boise State can give him trouble I think Bama can tear him up.
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    Re: Our talent level

    I'm not saying the Ole Miss defense is bad. I think they are pretty good, but they haven't dealt with anything like what is coming at them Saturday. Maybe they stand up to Bama and win the game, but...
  9. Re: Malzahn Whines About Refs Slowing Pace in KSU Win

    When the defense could get set The Barn didn't look so good. Imagine that!
  10. Link: Re: 'Beat Up Like a Drum' Hiring Kiffin, Saban Says Relationship Has 'Never Been Bad'

    I agree that this may be a case of "be sure your butt can cash the check your writing with your mouth." These folks want HUNH. They want to sling it all over the yard. They want play makers in space....
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    Re: Cam Robinson appreciation thread

    Cam ate up everyone UF put in front of him. I don't mind him getting in people's faces and letting them know what's up. Just don't cross the line or let them cross it and get the benefit of their...
  12. Question: Re: Do we see a CB combo of Brown and Jackson this year?

    Ole Miss has some pretty big wideouts, and you know Bo is going to give up some opportunities for interceptions. That game may be Brown's real coming out party.
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    Link: Re: SDS' rating of SEC QBs for Week Four...

    What Sims has brought to the table has been amazing to me. I was pulling for the guy but wasn't sold until I saw him throw out of his own endzone on a 3rd and 11 against WVU and send a dart right...
  14. Question: Do we see a CB combo of Brown and Jackson this year?

    I thought Brown did a good job last week against UF, but I also thought Cyrus did good as well. He gave up the one open opportunity to Dunbar, that he then dropped. He has not been really been a...
  15. Re: This Is What Sets Me Off About The Whole "Strength of Schedule" Argument.....

    Bama fatigue has set in on a high level. Everyone gets tired of the team on top. I hated USC during their run. I despised Miami in the 80's and early 90's. We are that team right now. Don't let it...
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