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    Re: Slick field - one of their trick plays?

    If their bermuda grass was dormant and already having to overseed ryegrass, then they're doing something wrong. Here in the great north (hartselle), we'd just had frost numbers 3 and 4 the sunday...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    Marlon layed the wood on a couple of his tackles Saturday!
  3. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties

    Go back and watch...every time 23 tackled somebody (around the shins), he stood up while holding their feet. He's bush league. He didn't fall while grabing coker's legs...he dove. Coker was 2...
  4. Re: BLM group labeled as "terrorist group" by White Student Union at Illinois

    I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with this. They have the same freedom of speech as any other group. So long as they're not threating or inciting...what is the difference...other than...
  5. Re: Hours after Obama taunts GOP with widows, female suicide bomber explodes in Paris

    Where's that Lane Kiffin fist pump "boom" at? ;)
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    Re: Alabama-Auburn - 2:30 Kickoff on CBS

    I'll take it. Seems we play better during the day...and the barn plays worse. ;)
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    Re: The loud crowd set the tone early on

    Def heard it when the white hat blew it while his mic was still on!
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    Re: The loud crowd set the tone early on

    Only time anyone around us was seated was when the red hat was on the field...and that was WAY too many times!
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    Re: The loud crowd set the tone early on

    Groups were tracking the om/arky game around us. It was like a wave as each group roared as their phone updated! :biggrin:
  10. Re: Florida's QB Will Grier files appeal with NCAA

    Don't think over the counter is covered by hipaa? i figure the reason it's not release is...they're trying to catch someone at UA taking it.
  11. Re: Longhorns lose to Iowa State 24-0 Is Coach Strong gone also?

    I don't know, but they cost me 10pts in my pick'em that week!
  12. Re: Question about illegal motion and other bad calls

    On the illegal motion calls, I agree. The dlineman was in the neutral zone causing the tide player to move. Should have been offsides. Their right tackle was really quick at the snap too...just...
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    Re: Cecil Hurt segment on Knoxville radio

    I love that quote/analogy..and hope my high school does it friday night and the Tide does it Saturday afternoon! RTR
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    Re: Defensive Appreciation Thread - Midseason

    Agreed! Last year i cringed every time the ball went outside. This year, i'm already outta the chair when i see one of those wide rb screens cause i know 10 is fixing to blow someone up!
  15. Re: Breakdown of Bama Offensive Line this season

    A draw? What's a "draw"? Don't think bama has run one of those in years! Would love to see fRan's one possitive play find it's way back into the playbook. That "sprint draw" was a killer.
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