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    Re: The Psychology of Black Friday

    What's not to understand?

    We spend a day being thankful for all our blessings. It only follows that we would go out the next day and trample people to get more. (Blue font)
  2. Re: Coker scramble/td pass play is amazing when watching replay:

    He's the guy we were holding on every play (blue font).
  3. News Article: Re: Watch Cam Newton get taunted by Alabama fan about $180K, so he responds 'I'll sla

    We all know Cam said it, but Cam didn't know he said it. Nothing to see here, folks.
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    Re: Auburn ITAT Forum...

    When they can't get a victory, they go for moral victory. When they can't get a moral victory, they go for moral superiority.
  5. News Article: Re: Watch Cam Newton get taunted by Alabama fan about $180K, so he responds 'I'll sla

    Cam is an all right guy. He even autographed some Florida dude's laptop.
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    Re: Auburn RB Peyton Barber on Alabama Defense

    I don't remember the exact quote, but I'm reminded of Mark Twain's line about keeping your mouth closed and people might think you're a fool, or open it and remove all doubt.
  7. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I read somewhere his buyout is $15M, but that drops to $12M in December. If that's true, it makes sense.
  8. Link: Re: Fired up Gus Malzahn over Trick plays against Bama

    And Gus was like, "Shut up!"
  9. Re: Walk down memory lane just before Coach Saban's hire. Neal McCready

    He must be a fan of The Wire.
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    Re: Virginia Tech Player Slaps Official

    Refresh my memory. What's this in reference to?
  11. News Article: Re: Jameis Winston threatens to sue CNN over documentary

    I haven't seen the documentary in question, but I'm curious if it covered the story of Brian Banks. Can anyone who watched it confirm?

    For reference, he was a highly tauted HS football recruit...
  12. Re: Hours after Obama taunts GOP with widows, female suicide bomber explodes in Paris

    Q: Where do suicide bombers go when they die?
  13. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    That reminds me of a scene in Firefly:

    Captain Mal stands over a defeated opponent after a duel, sword in hand. "Mercy is the mark of a great man."
    Pokes the man with the sword tip...
    "I guess...
  14. Re: How should an American Christian respond to ISIS?

    Re: the possibility of taking in thousands of refugees.

    Some people need to be reminded of the classic story of the scorpion. The one that ends with, "you knew I was a scorpion." I hate to say I...
  15. Re: Mississippi State Superfan 'Stingray' Quits Due To Alabama Fans

    Hunger strike, eh?

    He'll be fine for a while methinks.
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