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  1. Re: Spring practice Lindsay (expected to transfer),Jones, Miller not on roster...

    Thank goodness we're loaded at running back!

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    "Talkin Football" program going away?

    Watching the offseason edition of "Talkin' Football" this evening I think I heard that it will be going away thanks to ESPN and the SEC Network not extending rights to use content on the show. The...
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    Link: Re: Mass Threat Under Investigation At Auburn

    This is a "football" board subject?

  4. Re: Luke Del Rio is gone - Blake Sims / QB discussion

    Luke DelRio eligible without sitting out at Oregon State. Good for him!

    It will be tough to beat Manion for playing time, though.
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    Poll: Re: Who will be the surprise senior?

    Don't understand how you can claim we have gotten "nothing" from someone who has started and played in SEC games. Do we wish for more? Sure.

    But . . . "nothing?" A bit over the top .
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    Re: Dillon Lee Arrested for DUI

  7. Re: Will Alabama ever do a "Nick Saban hire" for the basketball program?

    Thanks for reminding me of something I needed to be reminded. Short - but on target - bit of perspective.
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    Link: RB Derrick Henry building on Sugar Bowl

    Hoping from a huge season from our running game this season. Make it easier for the quarterback(s). Wouldn't it be cool if Henry was running through a secondary on a regular basis?

  9. Re: Will Alabama ever do a "Nick Saban hire" for the basketball program?

    "Ever" could be a looooong time.

    Don't see it happening in the near future. Too many non-positives: a non-great facility, no recent success in tournament play, less-than-great fan support . ....
  10. Re: Diamond Notes : No. 9 Alabama to Host UAB on Tuesday Night

    Thanks for being so faithful in keeping us updated on the baseball Crimson Tide.
  11. Re: 6'8 PF Rasheed Worrell a Possibility as a Late Addition to the 2014 Class

    Thank you.

    Who thinks Eng, Gueye, or anyone else 6'8" or more we've had on the roster could dribble the length of the court even if WIDE OPEN? If he can get a rebound, score in the paint...
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    Re: Official NCAA Tournament Thread

    I had an uncle who worked on building/maintaining the SAC missle silos in North Dakota. Remember visiting Minot, ND for Christmas and New Year. A pre-teen from Alabama in North Dakota in late...
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    Re: Official NCAA Tournament Thread

    Ohio. The relative-to-North-Dakota garden spot of the country.
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    Link: Re: 2015 OG Richie Fontaine Petitbon

    pettibon, cotton, and warmack . .

    looking GOOD on the OL interior!
  15. JessN: Re: Spring analysis: Seven big questions facing the 2014 team

    Thanks for another story that shows thought and insight. It IS sort of surprising that the defensive backs avoided mention in this piece. Maybe their own feature is in the near future.

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