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  1. Bama vs FSU a possibility to open 2017

    We may get to play FSU, though not as they are currently constructed. Hopefully they can make this work.

  2. Re: With the Birmingham/true Iron Bowl sentiments......

    I'll piggy back on what's already been said about stadium cost by adding that neither Auburn nor Alabama would want to give up a true home game and the additional revenue in ticket sales that come...
  3. Re: Dee Hart with six touchdowns against New Mexico

    Couldn't be happier for McElwain and Hart.

    Both deserve all the success they are achieving this year.
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    Re: Need Retirement Help

    I've got family in Mountain Brook and its pretty nice.
  5. Re: Is there a message being sent to the Big 12?

    I oversimplified my post but I agree with all that you are saying. I guess that gets to the crux of my pain with the selection committee. There are so many things that go into the selection so it...
  6. Re: Is there a message being sent to the Big 12?

    True. Number of ranked teams can be. But how is opponents win percentage misleading? Either you play teams that win games or teams that don't.

    I'd be interested to hear what metrics you would...
  7. Re: Pictures of the Crazy Snowstorm Hitting Buffalo, New York

    A man after my own heart.
  8. Re: Opinions on how long Lane Kiffin stay at Bama

    I think hey stays a minimum of 1 more year. After that, who knows. I think his move would be to move to HC of an under the radar program (like McElwain) and hone his HC ability and apply what he's...
  9. Re: SIAP. Marcus Lutrell Speech to Players before game

    It's probably not the university. My guess is that Lutrell wanted it taken down.
  10. Re: Is there a message being sent to the Big 12?

    Is there a message being sent? Yes, but not to the Big 12. It’s being sent to the college football world at large. That message is, “We don’t really know what we are doing.”

    This is an over...
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    Re: Gus responds to UF job rumors.

    Agree. I think he needs 2-3 years rehabbing his image and learning under Saban before he gets serious consideration for a HC position again. Even then, I think he'd be wise to go the McElwain route...
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    Re: Muschamp ... "resigns"

    Patterson has had opportunities to leave TCU in the past and hasn't. I think he enjoys being TCU's version of Bill Snyder - brought them from irrelevance to relevance and into a Power 5 conference. ...
  13. Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    ^^^This guy knows what he's talking about.
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    Re: Muschamp ... "resigns"

    Foley has you all fooled. There is only one coach on his list.

    John Gruden.
  15. Re: Mario Cristobal : how would you grade him?

    Hard to say. Offensive line is one of those positions where I know a good one when I see it and I know w bad one when I see it. But I have a hard time telling why one is good and one is bad. Is it...
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