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  1. Thread: 5* Targets

    by gamersfuel

    Re: 5* Targets

    we are going after some big fish. Collin Sexton is a stud.
  2. Re: Netflix Docuseries on East Mississippi CC "Last Chance U" Trailer

    watched the first episode and just like 91, i could probably watch all episodes if i had time. worth watching.
  3. Re: Kid N Play - 80s Rap/Pop Duo - Come out of the closet

    not real
  4. Link: Re: USC's Jackson Wants to Shadow Alabama's Ridley in Opener

    seems as though he means, if he does well it will look good on his resume..he's a very good player so should be fun. also looking foward to seeing how we do against Ju Ju Smith. possibly the first WR...
  5. Re: 2 Dallas PD shot during BLM protest (Update: 12 shot, 5 dead)

    Bush looked like a complete idiot..but thats just Bush being Bush..i wouldnt be surprised if he was intoxicated.
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    Link: Re: Day of Rage this Friday in 37 cities - BLM

    how did things go friday? i honestly have no idea. but i do know certain people in the world were hoping things ended badly
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    Link: Re: Day of Rage this Friday in 37 cities - BLM

    it's not just black men. problem starts with lack of parenting which includes both men and women. as soon as they allow themselves to have an open mind and realizle that they are part of the problem...
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    Re: MN cops kill man trying to get his ID out

    lol come 7 year old would question that website.
  9. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    i think they have lost around 12 or so games the past 5 seasons.. i'd say he's a very good coach. wouldnt say great just yet nor would i be comfortable letting him take the reigns at Bama though....
  10. Re: Baton Rouge cops kill black man during arrest struggle

    looks like it happened again.. i cant watch so i cant comment other than to say what in the world is going on in this world.
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    Question: Re: Kevin Durant Signs with Golden State

    meh, with the watering down of the league it's ok with me. the better games will not be until the playoffs start anyway. I dont think they will be a lock to win it all though. gonna depend on team...
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    Re: What game are you (re)watching?

    watched the Bama/Vile game a few days ago..Should be a big game this year with something on the line finally.
  13. Re: David Palmer Ranked #100 Best Bama Football Player?!?!

    that guy was so fun to watch. i recall several times, he would make 2-3 defenders miss tackles within 1 yard of each other. it was like watching a comedy sketch. he's the shiftiest, quickest cutting...
  14. Link: Re: Avery Johnson hopeful Retin Obasohan goes late in NBA draft first round

    his best asset in the NBA would be his toughness. but that will not be enough. would be nice to see him make a D league team.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    i see no problem with the name change.. Cam won that school a natty. someting i never thought i'd see in my lifetime. he's got some growing up to do but i think he'll be ok
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