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  1. Re: Great Tweet about Bo Scarborough - Retweeted by Retin Obasahan

    He doesn't need any more weight. Or muscle if it slows his quickness. I want all his quick moves with the added punch. That will make him almost unstoppable. ..oh and please pick up blitzes and read...
  2. Re: Welcome to LSU fans (with some cautions)...

    Back in the days when we just got Coach Saban, and LSU was at least 50% on beating us (still are we just seem to pull it out) there were many LSU fans raring to discuss the Miles is better than Saban...
  3. News Article: Re: Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck

    LEO's are gonna be some of the skinniest people in America, or have iron stomachs.

    This cop is so untrained he can't even double tap a black man in the chest if he's lying on his back perfectly...
  4. Re: French mother and three daughters stabbed for being "scantly dressed"

    Are you sure he wasn't just demonstrating against the Trump/Hillery convention?
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    Re: Convention wackiness thread - GOP Edition

    Politicians are much the same as truth on the internet.

    Is the sign showing how liberal Donald is or is it a blue font sign? This is going to be the most fun election ever!
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    Re: 2016 SEC Media Days Thread

    I couldn't get link to work...did a google search and found's still loading:eek2:

  7. Link: Re: Former Maryland OC Mike Locksley Joins Bama Staff as Offensive Analyst

    I'm very excited about the hire.

    If I'm gonna worry it's what our QB will look like at the start of the year, and if Lane can run the ball enough without putting too much pressure on him early....
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    Re: MN cops kill man trying to get his ID out

    I'm sorry but in my opinion he should have been fired. I understand they can't fire every cop that someone has a complaint about, but if there was video from the gym or even if this is not the 1st...
  9. Re: Corrine Brown indicted on federal charges - Go Gata!

    I have long thought that most political positions just don't attract honest, intelligent people. What a great Country this could be if we could combine the best of each race in the American melting...
  10. Re: 5-7 teams going to the back of the bowl selection

    As mentioned earlier the only complaint I have is if they have 3 solid SEC teams playing on the same day that overlap. If a rule should be made it should be along those lines. IMHO

    I don't...
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    Poll: Re: To readmit LSU Fans to posting privileges...

    There was a thread on the droppings rant over something, and it was like 90% LSU fans shouting how many mad bammers were posting in the thread. I only saw a couple of Bama fans post at all in the...
  12. Re: Incoming Freshman LB Mack Wilson Tweets He has a Torn Meniscus

    Is this our 2nd linebacker recruit that has needed some medical work done? I thought I read about another recruit a few weeks/months back that was getting some work done after his senior year in HS. ...
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    Re: Alabama Nominated for Three ESPY Awards

    If I had to pick a team Alabama must lose to this year, I'd go with Arkansas. They helped us out last year and a loss to them, while in the West I think I could deal with better than most any other...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    It's not OK even for children. Kids usually grow up and mature with age. I will say my opinion of Cam is better than that of JonnyFootball, and both have issues.
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    Re: Maurice Smith Transferring

    If Fitzpatrick stays healthy he is the man. I just wonder if it's gonna click for Tony Brown. I think this is the year he needs to get it all together. He is too physically gifted to waste all that...
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