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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    They've got to have better ratings than baseball...
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    Re: Players Invited to the NFL Combine

    Knowing Amari, it probably would've conflicted with his training schedule.
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    Re: Dr Lou out at ESPN

    I would never have guessed he'd leave before Corso.
  4. Re: College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016

    Absolutely. There's no shame in losing when you're playing the best possible competition, and there's a greater pride in victory.
  5. Re: College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016

    I'm in favor of doing away with the divisions. We need the best two teams playing in the SEC Championship Game. Who here wouldn't have wanted to see an Alabama/Auburn rematch in 2013?
  6. News Article: Re: OJ Howard Indicates a Faster Alabama Offense in 2015

    Like them or not (I don't), play cards/signs are an effective way of communicating plays.
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    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    ​There's never been a movie like this before.
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    Re: Date for Alabama's Pro Day?

    I really didn't think TJ had that top-end speed. I wish he'd been 100% all year. He's gonna make a good pro.
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    Re: Hillary's E-Mail Problem

    She claims that it was originally set up for former President Clinton, which was a very long time ago in technology years.
  10. Re: Cop kills 19 yr old in Madison, WI - protests erupt

    And if he hadn't assaulted the cop he would be alive, regardless of whether the cop followed protocol.
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    Re: 410 lb Tight End at Baylor

    410 lb tight end is an oxymoron.
  12. Re: Number change - Ronnie Clark changing to #5 - position change sticking?

    Could mean the young safeties are progressing well too.
  13. Link: Re: T J Simmons (Clay Chalkville HS) Commits

    I've watched a lot of these highlight videos. You rarely see plays where a WR is only blocking, but there are several of T.J.
    He looks like a physical receiver with decent speed and good hands. I...
  14. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    In other news...
  15. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    Folks kill each other every year for a pair of his shoes. SMH.
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