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  1. Re: Would not be surprised to hear Richt getting fired soon.

    Bamamoon just stated the truth! Georgia is right there at it, just a little tweaking is needed.

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  2. Re: Would not be surprised to hear Richt getting fired soon.

    Ohio State did pretty good last year...
  3. Link: Re: Blake Sims tells the guys in the huddle "We Can Make History" on the last drive!

    Well none if we don't win out. But if we do, they will all look back to this game. Plus years down the road, when these two teams play, highlights from this game will be shown.
  4. Question: Re: Dual Threat QB throws 45 times

    Saban discussed the play calling during the halftime interview. Stated it was something he had agreed with before kickoff and LSU just basically did a very good job in coverage. So we can't put all...
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    Re: Blakes Percentage Of Completions

    I think Henry just needs more touches myself. Him going into next week knowing he is #1, and if they game plan around that, he will be fine. Maybe not in the 1st qtr, but later in the game. I feel...
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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss Vs. LSU

    I'm sure they are, but a throw to the end zone was not what Freeze wanted. If you saw his reaction immediately when Wallace made that pass you would know that. The highlights showed him saying "No no...
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    Re: Why are we where we are?

    We started doing that late in the game and it worked.
  8. Re: WHAT IF???

    We should have just won the game. Accept it, we wont be in the NC game. Is it mathematically possible? yes but only with Ohio St and FSU losing next week. Thats the ONLY what if that would matter...
  9. Re: University of miami 'smoke' uniforms tonight

    Well, they got "Smoked" for sure!
  10. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSU Style...

    The Good -Yeldon being more physical this game than all year.

    The Bad - The first half we got kicked around in every stat except the score

    The Ugly - LSU Fans
  11. Re: Who has the toughest remaining schedule of the top contenders?

    I doubt its Mizzou representing the east. I truly believe it will be SC.
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    MY brother (well my half brother), his dads family was all from Jasper also. The Owens was/is their name.
  13. Re: Gun Control Thread -- (Pros and Cons) -- Aftermath of Connecticut Shooting

    The thing about Alex Jones is he goes to such extremes. I think in this "debate" he is correct, but I also wish he would have debated more instead of just blowing up and overtalking Piers.
  14. Re: This Helmet to Helmet Rule Stuff is Getting Ridiculous...

    They practice everyday for weeks/months.

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  15. Re: 94.5 Jox is replaying SEC Championship Broadcast

    Well, what if you live just "barely" out of state?

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