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  1. Question: Re: Would you guys be okay if Coker got the start this week?

    Who cares who starts not me just play winning Football! RTR
  2. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    Just let it play out!
  3. Spurrier Golf:Or more time in the film room

    I know some of you remember his comment on Coach working so hard, maybe retirement is in his future!
    Roll Tide:biga2:
  4. Re: Titans (former LSU) QB Mettenberger punched by Bama fan

    One more thing it's a bar in Tenn.Enough said.
  5. Re: Titans (former LSU) QB Mettenberger punched by Bama fan

    We'll you can talk about this stuff all the time and I agree with a lot of the comments here.Nobody is going to stop the media.
  6. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    Arenas he seen the field well
  7. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Hate to here this for him and his family,Ironically I watched a thing this morning on crash dummies as if them femur bone splinters it can cause the main artery to hemorrhage and you bleed out.Also...
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***


    I would be more impressed if the target was moving.:blush:
  9. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    I'll say this for the arrogant ones on here,Yeah there was probation, but Yeah were ALABAMA is not going to get the Job done,If we have to go away from what we do than so be it.We have talent they...
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    Link: Re: The 2015 QB Dominoes Continue to Fall

    Well what ever happens it helps the hurt of losing Towns!
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    I like the way people think a kid is only in it for football, He also mentioned more than football as why he made the decision to come here.I may be wrong but didn't he talk like the family was...
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    Re: Alabama Offers 4* Dual-Threat QB Travis Waller

    Best thing about this Is he can run too. We'll see how this pans out,From cal to Al is a big culture shock for some.Would have to know the kid in that respect. You never know he may like the south.
  13. Re: Aj McCarron

    Got a question did Murray go to the Chiefs right before Aj got picked by the Bengals? It all boils down to what Coach said its what you do after the pick!
  14. Aj McCarron drafted in the 5th round by Cincinnati

    Picked 5 th round by Cincinnati Bengals
  15. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    He is what he is.
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