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  1. Re: Black mob randomly attacks white boy in Ohio - 4 arrested

    I get it. When you don't care to discuss the message, you attack the messenger. Way to go....

    How about we discuss the message first, ok? Fwiw,, I agree that the left wing media has it's agenda...
  2. Re: Making fun of the way someone speaks is racist...if they are black

    Ebonics is the new English.
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    Re: Opening odds for Alabama vs Florida

    That's never a good excuse for sending money on a fool's errand.
  4. Re: A living pictorial representaion of the asininity and lucidity of the ludicrous.

    Not even close. It might be extremely long in some opinions, but it pales in comparison to the Cam Newton superthread.
  5. Re: Islamist kills three in US for revenge in the Middle East

    As a proud American citizen, it pains me to witness the lack of backbone that is on display by this administration and the US gov't as a whole. I fear their lack of commitment to the security of...
  6. Re: Islamist kills three in US for revenge in the Middle East

    Until the "peaceful" side of Islam stands up and denounces these barbarians their numbers will continue to grow and strengthen. Unfortunately that will not happen until the "peaceful" Muslims begin...
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    Re: Kentucky v Florida

    No because that was their 4th down play. UK was ahead so the game should have been over.
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    Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. USM****

    The only significant rain that's around the state is too far south and east to effect the game. No worries.
    Game On!
  9. Re: Dept. of State puts out a bid for 160,000 bio-hazard suits from Lakeland Industri

    Not surprising. They're preparing for someone to detonate a "dirty bomb" on US soil.
  10. Re: Just received my Ole Miss tickets... they are doing a "Navy Out."

    Colonel Reb will do fine. I never was a Navy man...
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    Re: Pick the score: So. Miss. vs. Alabama

    CSN will be able to give everyone, cheerleaders and MDB members included, plenty of play time and might still be accused of running up the score. SM hasn't yet recorded a single rushing touchdown. ...
  12. News Article: Re: Firefighters suspended for refusing to remove the US flag from their helmet & loc

    I think we've had similar discussions about flags, banners, posters, etc., displayed on various properties. The one redeeming fact about this one is that all stickers had to be removed, not just...
  13. Re: In a Zombie Apocalypse -- would you.......

    Definitely not.
  14. Re: Feds force schools to accept illegal immigrant kids with no medical screening

    What gets me is why does Congress allow this president to unilaterally dictate laws without even a discussion?
    Seems to me that both the legislative and judicial branches of government have...
  15. Re: "Hey White People" - from the kids of Ferguson

    I don't care what other races think about whites in general. For the record though, I'm not "whites in general". I'm not like any other white person you've ever met in your entire life. I'm me. ...
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