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  1. Re: Tennessee jumps on the bad uniform bandwagon for the florida game

    You nailed it.

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    Re: Best Jersey Number In Alabama History?

    12 for the offense......54 for the defense.
  3. JessN: View Post

    I could not agree more. Way too much is given to arm strength. Sure it's great, but not vital. Your AJ comparison is right on, but to go even further, neither Joe Montana, Drew Brees or Tom Brady...
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    Re: West Virginias win increases our value.

    Actually these 1st two games mean very little as long as we won them. What's gonna determine our fate is how we traverse through the meat grinder AKA the SECW.
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    Re: Phil Savage Gives 5 Points About the Game

    No doubt it wasn't a thing of beauty, but it was the first game and I expect a lot of corrections this week.

    The thing that troubled me most was the sloppy tackling, especially in space. We dang...
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    Re: Poem from WVU board

  7. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    The receiving corps......that would mean that our QBS also had a great year.

  8. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    Apparently some of y'all are putting a lot of stock into our QB play in the A-Day game.

    Forget that. That was a practice and it was against maybe the best D our O will face this season, also it...
  9. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    Based on what?

    In the past 3 seasons WV has given up 348 points, 495 points and 400 points, mostly against less than quality competition.

    What makes you think they are going to be competitive...
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    Re: First/Last Name Game

    Yonkers, NY
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    Re: Beaten to death at McDonalds


    The liberal Dims for morphing LBJ's Great Society concept into the ridiculous political correctness that has brought our once great nation to it's knees, both morally and economically.
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    Re: Beaten to death at McDonalds

    Just further proof of what the liberal Dim's and their political correctness have done to America.

  13. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    Do you not realize that they're just warming up right now for the big game?

    Which is us.

  14. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    I've never bought into their so-called academic rep, or any others. If it's big time CFB, there will be some that don't really qualify as student-athletes.
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    Re: Wednesday, August 13 Practices Updates

    I think too many people are unfairly making too much of Sims in the spring game. I firmly believe he will be an asset to our offense this season at QB, maybe not as a starter, but I expect him to...
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