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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    Better opponents?
  2. Re: Scottsboro Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with a Student

    Was told today from someone over there that the student was female also.
  3. Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily)


    I've read where the US has followed the german lead in a lot of military equipment design. Look at the german's...
  4. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    Give her a dime...and a sig :wink:
  5. Re: Mark Richt given raise and two year extension.

    Yes! :biggrin2:
  6. Link: Re: Tarheels go "all in" and hire Chizik as defensive coordinator

    It went out the window when he was replaced at isu and the new guy said they had to "re-teach" how to tackle.
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    Yep! Dude got stones...gotta give'em that!
  8. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    Good on him. I was just going off what was said on here. But how does he go from the "blabber" in his press conference to the "polished" responses on MnM?
  9. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    Or maybe ATTENDED an english class? ;)
  10. Re: Former Miami Dolphin swims 9 miles to shore after falling off boat

    Yeah, heard more of the story this morning. Crazy.
  11. Re: Former Miami Dolphin swims 9 miles to shore after falling off boat

    dude fell off a 36' boat! I was expecting 25-30' one. Not unheard of for that to happen...but to fall out of a 36' i would think would take some doing? The one we used to charter was maybe a 45...
  12. Question: Re: Has Coach Saban reached out to Bill Belichick about the HUNH?

    It's an easy fix...keep em out of third and longs...make sure it's always third and less than five. ;)
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    Re: 3.5 hour commute this morning

    Heck, i thought that just happened here in bama?
  14. Re: Florida RB Adam Lane Jr craps his pants against ECU

    that one poor girl with the ankle wrap is apparently about to catch more than she bargained for! :eek2:
  15. Re: Refs Standing on Ball When We Broke the Huddle?

    On the punt downed at the 2...I question the same thing. To my recollection, it was not touched till it about came to a stop at the 2. When they came back from commercial and it was a the 5, i was...
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