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  1. Re: FSU QB De'Andre Johnson suspended indefinitely; source says he punched woman

    Warrant issued for his arrest. Jameis never got a warrant I believe (correct me if I am wrong). Maybe the Tallahassee police department is cleaning itself up with all the attention on it. Or maybe it...
  2. Link: Clemson kicker Lakip suspended after charged with DUI, cocaine possession

    This explains why his kicks were always high. :biggrin2:
  3. Bama senior associate AD Milton Overton leaves to take over FAMU

    Best of luck. He will be missed.

    Edit: Just thought of the additional point that this probably means that...
  4. Re: What does a fired college football coach look like?

    I think you're on to something. I just checked Mike Shula's winning percentage (26-23) and it is 0.531. :biggrin2:
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    Link: Eagles release Evan Mathis

    Well, that was a big surprise.
  6. Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    That's two major homers. You can only really have one and still be okay. Hopefully, they'll get a third like Greg McElroy or something. Even David Pollack would be okay.
  7. NFL suspends Marcell Dareus for 1 game for violating drug policy

    With the way Goodell has been tossing suspensions around lately, he is lucky it is just one game.
  8. Link: Re: Tony Nathan's life to be made into a movie

    IMDB page
  9. Link: Tony Nathan's life to be made into a movie

    I'm looking forward to watching this. Caleb Castille will be playing Nathan.
  10. Re: Notre Dame's Everett Golson considering transfer to LSU

    As bad as he played last year, it would make sense for Notre Dame actually encourage him to playing for a 2015 opponent. ;)
  11. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback in 20
  12. Re: Notre Dame's Everett Golson considering transfer to LSU

    Good article.
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    Re: 2015 Coaching changes

    I would guess that if we had pursued him, he would have probably said yes. But we chose not to do that.
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    Re: State of Georgia's Todd Gurley law

    Sounds a lot like Alabama's Derrick McKey law.
  15. Re: Undrafted Free Agent Signings for SEC Players & Players of Note

    The Redskins should try him out as a QB. I guarantee you that he is at least as good as the poop pile that Washington has at that position.
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