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  1. Re: Georgia WR Mitchell explains what itís like to get trucked by Alabamaís Ragland

    a whole new meaning to "taking them to the WOOD shed"
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    Re: Confirmed - Bo to play this week...

    I agree a million percent
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    Re: Confirmed - Bo to play this week...

    I missed Bo playing :( Took my daughter to her homecoming dance and of course thats when he gets some plays. Hopefully he will play this weekend a bit.
  4. Re: Mississippi Coast Ole Miss Fan Reaction And Comments

    I have Auburn friends, I have UGA friends, I have UT friends, I have UF friends, even FSU, ND, tOSU, a few LSU friends etc, one thing I don't have is Ole Miss friends and there is a reason for it
  5. Link: Re: Urban Meyer's Family is Not Happy with College Gameday

    his name and likeness aren't even on the sign, its like they are admitting he faked a heart attack lol
  6. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    The stats back you up, the turnovers caused the loss. I'll give credit to Ole Miss where Credit is due, they capitalized off those turnovers and beat us, but the stats speak volumes about how good...
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    Re: So, linemen downfield... something has to change!

    The original call was ineligible lineman down field, at least thats what the ref said on the intercom. but then it got reviewed and magically that penalty was never mentioned again, I don't think...
  8. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    Wahhh!!! 90% of you were whining about how late the game was anyways. I have. Two year old, we left early because he was tired and there was no point in the dealing with the extremely nasty Ole Miss...
  9. Link: Re: Roll Bama Roll's Film Study Preview: Alabama vs Ole Miss

    And when Alabama beats them, Cowherd will blame it on Colt McCoys injury.
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    Re: BDS Needs To Be Rocking Saturday Night

    I don't plan on being able to speak for at least a week

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    Re: Dixieland Delight???

    I'm in the North Endzone next to the opposing team section I heard everyone singing it just fine, they cut off the second half of the song though. I was really annoyed at MTSUs band they kept...
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    Re: Tennessee or LSU

    Thinking outside the box... BOTH!!! You want a potential heart attack, or to have Rocky Top in your head for a week?
  13. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I have plantar fasciitis, while it hurts and is annoying, it wouldn't keep me out of practice when the starting QB job at Alabama is in play. Ice, stretching, and 4 Advil at his age should suffice....
  14. Re: Hold on one second: Auburn trolls Alabama with 404 page

    exactly i hope they are still rejoicing in that play 5 years from now.
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    Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    #66 missed a huge block as well.
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