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  1. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    She well spoken but does her voice pitch and accent not sound identical to the teen Miss South Carolina from a few years back?
  2. Re: Tired Of The Southern Stereotyping

    Southerners and old white men are the only free game left, so we get the backlash from everyone biting their tongue in other instances.
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    Re: "Honey Badger" to enter NFL Draft

    Will a video like this do him any good? What's the point? Is this what he will do when a coach has to cut him? This seems so cheap and shallow. He will have an oppotunity to interview with the...
  4. Re: Great to Win over Notre Dame in a Game that Meant Something

    Maybe there was something to the inferiority complex that effected some of Coach Bryant's teams. But I do know that Coach Saban's philosophy of eliminating clutter like that seems to pay off. We...
  5. Link: Re: Recruit's Father on Tuberville: "It's A Bad Situation"

    Maybe he thought those undesirables would just go away if he didn't call them........which is probably what he thought.

    Does anyone else's brain mimic Coach Bryant when they read the word...
  6. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    Not like that, she is a rarity......unless he ends up winning Super Bowls somewhere. She puts Jessica Simpson to shame in both looks and brains. Probably can sing better too ;)

    Sure AJ can get...
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    Re: Humbled Notre Dame fan here...

    Notre Dame recruits the same way it did 15 years ago, scouring the country for highly rated but slow players (compared the SEC). The biggest factor- difference in speed. When the game was crunched...
  8. Re: SIAP, Adrian Hubbard reportedly leaning toward entering 2013 NFL draft

    Hubbard is seen as a 2014 1st rounder, he seriously needs to stay and make a bigger name next year.
  9. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    Someone in the article said AJ is going to be single very, very soon lol. I think her fame will last longer than 15 minutes personally. She's going to either model or get some sort of good job...
  10. Re: Were it not for the Texas A&M loss,I think we'd be talking about this being the

    Last Year's team was better imo. That's why not winning the SEC hurt so much, it was like a missing ring tied to that fish bowl game of the century with 5 missed FG's and a jacked up team held...
  11. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    He also has to sign a contract and play to get paid for the team he doesn't get to choose :)
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    Re: USA Today All-Bowl Team

    This is THE feel good team of the season! says USA Today.
  13. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    Wrong thread! Go Cowboys. Katherine reminds me of Barbara Bach aka Daisy Duke.
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    Re: Lacy's Decision?

    I can see any reason for him to stay $ wise. That one more year in the pros can be the difference in a big second contract or not........Shaun Alexander got his at the last second and they were...
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    Re: Overwhelmed? I am.

    For the past few decades, we have seen ourselves as better than the slipping public opinion imo, but that might flipflop. Things like, we may be at the best level ever in the programs history, are...
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