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  1. Poll: Re: "Second Biggest Winner", SEC Football 2012

    I picked Georgia. Florida was close and will continue to get better, but I thought Georgia was the second best team. Second Best!!! Roll Tide!!!!
  2. Question: Re: Who does BAMA play next year in the National Championship game??

    Lol!!! Texas A&M.....will not be in the title game. Maybe Ohio St.....Maybe Oregon.
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    Question: Re: Saban: We're not running away from Teo

    Teo looked very average to weak in that game. He will have major problems at the next level. He would have had problems against many of the SEC teams.
  4. Re: John Saunders Predicts Saban Will "Be Back on the Podium"

    Saunders is just talking to talk. Saban is tired of this topic....its been answered. Roll Tide!!!
  5. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    Would like AJ to do well. Hate the Cowboys though!!!!
  6. Re: 10 years from now, who will be our best nfl player? (who's playing now)

    I like J. Jones, Cooper(sky is the limit for him), or Lacy if he gets to the right team.
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    Re: Boisie's field

    It's just plain ugly. Period.
  8. Question: Re: Why would big time recruits look at any other University?

    Coach Saban puts players in the pros and has them ready. If that is the goal, going to Bama will put you on the right track.
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    Re: FAU talking trash

    Let them have their 5 minutes of fame before the annihilation. They will witness the speed and power of Bama on Saturday.
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    Re: Mel Kiper says Bama is overated

    Yeah....Mel Kiper. So what. Go back and look at his initial rankings. He was wrong! Bama is #1 and will stay there. Did he really say Missouri? Tennessee? Good luck with that!!!
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    Question: Re: How do you feel about FSU?

    Their defense is decent, but the schedule may help them out. They would struggle against the SEC.
  12. Re: With Eddie Lacy being a Jr, does he stay for his Sr. year?

    If he's healthy and continues to play at his current level....yes he will leave.
  13. Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic

    Bama 49 FAU 0. Tide work out the kinks and get the third teamers some playing time.
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    Re: What happens next week?

    This game will be over early and some of our younger players will get time to work on strengthening weak areas.
  15. Re: Defensive/Offensive concerns going forward...

    I agree. Complacency is Bama's only concern. The secondary is learning and growing each game and the coaching staff will continue to make them better. This team is stacked and should run the table if...
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