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  1. Question: Re: Summation of 2016 Depth Chart / Departing Juniors and Seniors

    It's a fair point to make on Bozeman. We have some crazy good talent on the interior of the OL. I figure Cotton wins out over Bozeman when moving to the interior. I think Cotton only played tackle...
  2. Question: Re: Summation of 2016 Depth Chart / Departing Juniors and Seniors

    A note: I've followed the heights and weights of players for years and starting about three years back they stopped updating them because every time someone gained or lost a lot of weight it would...
  3. Re: Alabama lands new assistant coach

    Saban has taken numerous off field coaches and brought them up the latter. Some on our staff, some would leave for an on field position and then return later. This guy also had years of experience...
  4. Re: Any high ranked player who didn't sign today?

    Actually it's a statistical fact that ACT scores are not a great predictor of college success. The test can return wildly inconsistent results depending on how fast you read and how well you guess...
  5. Re: Going to throw out some random observations here...

    I don't see a ton of discussion about the Double Whammy Ben Davis and Lyndell Wilson. You have five star players and then you have two five star players FROM Alabama playing for Alabama. I think...
  6. Re: ***ATH Aaron Robinson flips from Gators, commits to Bama***

    rivals also lists him at 6' 1", I'm thinking we may have offered him at WR and that is the reason for the flip.
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    Re: Strong Finish coming for 2016 class

    I don't follow the "what if's" very closely but suffice it to say there are several line items that will make me smile tomorrow.

    * - any result where we finish #1 ripping victory from their hands...
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    Re: ****CB Nigel Knott Commits to Alabama****

    Great pickup and at a position of need for sure.
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    Re: Remaining Recruits

    I'm not comfortable with how this thing is coming down the the end but we will just have to have faith that they have it under control.

    I will say this, even before Freeze and his bank trucks...
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    about Raheem Falkins

    I didn't see any specific thread about him. I know he was injured during or before camp and never played a down this year. Does a year of eligibility move forward if you don't play at all or does...
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    Re: '16 AL OLB Lyndell "Mack" Wilson

    Ok, because I'm old..... Can someone explain what dabbing is?
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    News Article: Re: Chris Black on Alabama Offense

    I wish him the best, he just wasn't consistent catching the ball. the reason I was attracted to football as a young man was that politics had little to do with it, the best players played, I knew...
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    Re: Any concern about recruiting this year?

    I've always heard it's the year after a national championship where you see the recruiting bump and from our extensive experience it does seem the class signed right after winning the NT is slightly...
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    Re: Head to Head Recruiting vs. Ole Miss

    It's not a salary cap, what SEC school was recently under an NCAA investigation and had their left tackle suspended for nearly half a season for driving free cars etc.... That'd be the...
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    Re: Head to Head Recruiting vs. Ole Miss

    We can't afford Ole Miss recruits. Heck the NFL can barely pay more.
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