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  1. Re: The Dukes of Hazards General Lee Car is losing the Confederate Flag

    Don't do it Bubba
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    Re: Women's World Cup

    Looked good tonight
  3. Re: Would you vote to legalize Polygamy? If not, why not?

    In todays world I see no reason you shouldn't have it, I am sure I wouldn't approve of it.
  4. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    My GGF from Shelby county ala, lost his life during the civil war, he only owned 75 acres so I bet he didn't own any slaves, he served in the home guard.
  5. Re: If you went to a Christian church this weekend, how did your pastor discuss SCOTU

    Our pastor spoke of it, it wasn't a big deal he said that we would be there for anyone when problems arrive.
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    Re: decision is in, Gay marriage now legal

    I think the door is open now as long as it's two consenting adults, I mean why should we care right incest, long as they or of age it don't affect me, isn't that what we are saying? Anything goes For...
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    Re: decision is in, Gay marriage now legal

    I don't know you would have a hard time out here in the real world joining two male couplings they just don't fit.
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    Re: decision is in, Gay marriage now legal

    Well the Government is trying to take the place of God, we will see how that works out
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    Re: The Duggar story

    How many 14year Old's are serving time for this crime?
  10. Re: How many games will we win in 2015? your picks...

    I'm picking 10-3
  11. Link: Re: "The tragedy of the American military" from The Atlantic Monthly

    Being a vet and being conservative is me, most of the vet's I know are conservative. No one owes me anything, I do appreciate what I did get out of it, I got more than I gave. Heroes don't come home.
  12. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    Great QB never in trouble always spent time with sick children, he still stays out of trouble speaks his mind.
  13. Re: What European country is your perfect fit?

    It picked Spain for me, I do like Spain.
  14. Re: Today's Question: Do you support same-sex marriage?

    No offence No
  15. Re: Baltimore protests / riots (was: Orioles COO John Angelos offers perspective...)

    You are so right on this when my wife was a young girl in school they graded them the high scores took Latin the second group took French, which she was one.
    I wasn't a good student so I went the...
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