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  1. Link: Re: Obama "urging black Americans to continue seeing themselves as victims"

    Disclaimer: It's been 20+ years since I've been there for more than a hot minute, so my personal experience is dated and it may be a ethnic relations utopia now. And I won't use the word racist, the...
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    Re: Merry Christmas to all here

    I was diagnosed with the flu on Tuesday. My wife is pretty sure she has strep throat. So we got that going for us.

    It does seem that my flu is a mild case. I last had the flu in '97 or '98, and...
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    Sorry if this site has been linked already, but I think there are some articles here that some would find interesting.
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    Re: Bergdahl released

    The report will supposedly be released on January 16.
  5. Re: The 'religion of pieces' - 145 (mostly children) killed in Pakisatani school

    Shockingly, a Pakistani cleric who says it's ok.
  6. Re: The 'religion of pieces' - 145 (mostly children) killed in Pakisatani school

    True, but...
    this statement isn't about a difference in ideology, it's politics. They may cooperate from time to time, but you won't often hear Afghans and Pakis say nice things about...
  7. Re: Former Alabama player Bobby Greenwood in the US Army

    As others have said, the degree gets you E-4 coming in. I did the same thing and at about the same age.

    Maybe he wanted to learn something and isn't afraid of work. Like me. ;)

    Of course,...
  8. Re: The 'religion of pieces' - 126 (mostly children) killed in Pakisatani school

    If their numbers are accurate, it seems Pakistan can kill some of these people. When properly...
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    Re: Sydney Hostage taking.

    The Russians did that in 2002 when Chechans held a bunch of hostages in a Moscow theater. They killed all the Chechens... and over a hundred hostages.
    I don't know what gas they used.
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    Re: Marlon Humphrey Talks Redshirt Season

    We played at least one JV game in 2002...
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    Re: Dirk Diggler is in the house!

    I'm going with shenanigans on VJ.
  12. Re: Russian scientist says a mountain sized asteroid heading our way

    Get Harry Stamper off of his oil rig.
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    Re: Go navy. Beat army

    Go Army. Beat Navy.
  14. Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    One of my best buddies from the Army is from the Columbus area.
  15. Re: Official "What Ohio State fans are saying about the matchup" thread

    I have heard it referred to by natives as Pennsyltucky.
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