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    Re: Pick the score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    34-10 Tide
  2. Re: I just don't get why people think we'll lose to Ole Miss

    For the record, the Tide losses since 2008:

    2008 Florida SECCG,Utah Sugar Bowl
    2010 USCe on 10/9 atWBS after beating UArk 24-20 on 9/25 and UF 31-6 on 10/2
    After a bye...
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    Re: Pick the score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    Bama 28-10. Close until 3rd Q.
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    Re: Coaches on the hot seat

    Can't see it happening. Mack put that program were it is. Never the same after that night in Pasadena. Strong will have the Longhorns back in 2-3 years.
  5. JessN: Re: FAU preview: Bama has the tools to easily ground the Owls

    Not sure about that. When MI and TR were at Alabama, I thought the same thing.
  6. Question: Re: O-line opinion from people that have seen them live

    I agree completely, but most teams don't have our standards. Most teams would be happy with the record we had last year too.
  7. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Well said.
  8. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    That Rece Davis is highly intelligent. Where did he go to school?
  9. Re: Kirby Smart and the tug of UGA...

    I'm not sure about that. I'm a Vandy alum and live in Nashville. The new Chancellor (Zeppos came in after Gordon Gee) has pulled out the checkbook for the baseball coach and the basketball coach in...
  10. Re: Carson Tinker's Video: "Walk of Champions Through My Eyes"

    Very nice!
  11. Re: Ranking the 16 BCS national champions - USA TODAY

    I feel very ambiguous about this list. 2009 is my favorite but that's mostly for personal reasons.
  12. JessN: Re: Sugar Bowl preview: Tide must ignore waves of disappointment to beat Sooners

    Thanks for this and all your analysis Jess. RTR!
  13. Re: Will Alabama play Oklahoma like they did Michigan State or Utah?

    We also lost Mike Johnson in the 1st Q, who replaced Andre. That quick DE for Utah ate up JPW from the backside all night long. This was a crucial factor in that game.
  14. Question: Re: What will be the Bama playcalling to start the game?

    Totally agree. Make them play from behind all day.
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    Question: Re: Henry, Fowler, Yeldon and Drake Game plan?

    I know this isn't the priority but I wish they would. Love to see AJ have a big day!
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