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    Link: Re: Bo gets his instructions...

    Can't wait til he gets back into shape.
  2. Re: So CNS and/or CLK call and ask you what to do about QB. What's your advice?

    According to Sagarin, we still must play #3 and #5. and the rest of the SECW slate provides plenty of opportunities to lose games. I'm with Saban when he says, he picks the guy who gives the team the...
  3. Re: Question About the Offensive Production of Ole Miss

    The OM final scores look pretty scarey. The only saving grace is that they have played very weak competition, Sagarin says the 173rd strongest schedule in the country so far. For our defense,...
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    Re: Derrick Running With More Authority ?

    Last year, DH had a stutter-step thing going, he seemed to be trying to run like TJ. Also, he was a bit too patient and seemed to wait for the perfect hole to open up. Against Wisc, he had better...
  5. Re: Derrick Henry's best highlight from the game

    The emergence of Henry as a complete player is very pleasing. Lovely to see blocking like that from a top-tier heisman quality runner.

    And talking of which, take another look at the TD run that...
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    Poll: Re: Pick the starting QB for Wisconsin game

    Went with Coker but it is really interesting to see Morris suddenly getting such traction.
  7. Re: New Bama Safety Ronnie Harrison Posts Instagram Video of One Handed Catch

    Great to see. I'll just make a comment - I live close to Bob Jones High School, and I see groups of kids there all the time doing one handed catches. It is the current "thing to do", and, like any...
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    I suppose someone has already said it, but the new head coach out there does not look like a great hire. Question: does Kiffin think he has a chance to parley a good-enough OC performance into the HC...
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    Re: RB Damien Harris commits to

    That is really worth watching, thanks for the link. Now, you can't take too much from high school games, but he basically scores a TD with every touch, from anywhere on the field. He has so much...
  10. Re: Meyer reacts to Oregon's victory over FSU...

    I am predisposed to dislike the Urb but that was good.
  11. JessN: Re: Ohio State recap: Tide may have even more changes to make

    In the era of more-or-less parity, anybody with a meaningful schedule will lose the occasional game. Losing sucks, but it is part of the game. Neither, though, do I want to get used to it.

    I'm not...
  12. Link: Re: USA Today Article: The meaning behind 'We Want Bama'

    Or, a "Hitler finds out" that he actually got Bama.
  13. Re: Mark Barron embarrassed by Odell Beckham Jr.

    Exactly. We have two guys who have scored TDs off that route.
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    Re: Fix our deep ball defense.

    There is no defense against a heave off the back foot with a 300lb lineman in your face and where the ball sails 40 yards up field to the sideline and arrives at the same time as a receiver and two...
  15. Re: The SEC takes football seriously - the Pac12 does not...

    oregonblitz handled this thread with class and grace.
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