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    Re: Shoutout from USS Alabama Crew

    It makes sense now how the Aubarn fans always feel like the step child or little brother. I know we have several references in movies and songs to the Crimson Tide. I can only recall one instance...
  2. Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    Does CNS have a clause in his contract that calls for him to be the highest paid head coach in college football?
  3. Re: Bo Pelini Takes Parting Shot at Nebraska AD and Administration

    He may be a total jerk, but trust me if any of you have never dealt with CEO's of large companies, they live with golden parachutes ( do did Pelini) attached so no matter which on gets fired they...
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    Re: AJ vs Johnny again?

    Please I hope he does not end up on the SEC network as an analyst.
  5. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    As a UAB grad from 1980. I was there when Bartow started BB. There were discussions of if there would ever be football. Birmingham has lost the Birmingham Stallion and USFl. None of the students...
  6. Re: So the 4 team playoff didn't even make it 1 year without controversy, how long ti

    Take it back to pre bcs. The winner of the two bowls with top ranked teams play each other. No more black box comittiee meeting in texas to decide. Those folks better be happy it wasnt west...
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    Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    I miss Woody Hayes. I hate the total jerk they have now.
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    Re: How AP and Coaches Voters Voted

    Now I agree totally, does anyone recall him playing.
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    Re: How AP and Coaches Voters Voted

    Whats even worse is that a Bama grad one of Bears boys Mike Riley voted us 3rd. Hope he enjoys being a Cornhusker.
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    News Article: Cecil Hurt Article

    Click Below.

    I really enjoy reading him. Its a shame tidesports went to pay to play a few years ago at least we get a couple of his articles a week.

    The GA dome was rocking. I talked with 2 of...
  11. Re: We want least that's what they been saying..............

    What normally happens when CNS gets 3 weeks to prepare for a team. Ask the last the BCS teams we played. FSU running their mouths...
  12. Re: Video: Alabama fan reworks Dean Martin song “That’s Amari”

    Great Job....
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    Game Thread Re: Anybody a `Zona Fan tonite ?? (AZ vs Oregon)

    You never had to listen to his hatred for Bama. His kids are LSU grads..... He really doesnt like Bama. And his How do you do !! Just sounded like Vern..... Hes a egg sucking mule.
  14. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    I think MONY would be great 2nd choice.
  15. Re: Why hasn't Coach Saban been listed as a Target for all of these "high profile" jo

    Its pretty ironic that I know Riley turned Alabama down during the Dubose fiasco. He said he wanted to stay on the West Coast. Any of you guys been to Nebraska in January. It would take 4 million...
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