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  1. Re: Bo Scarborough Practicing with the Team

    I've seen 6'2", 220 listed for Bo. I think we will see what Lagarette Blount could've done behind a real SEC line.
  2. Re: Is Bo Scarborough Locked and Loaded for RB ?

    I was wrong...he CAN practice.... Just not travel or play
  3. Re: Report: Florida Gators to hire MSU's Geoff Collins as defensive coordinator

  4. Re: Matt Womack

    I would say so. The length is there, not sure the technique is yet. But that's what Cristobal is for.
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    Re: How many spots do we have left?

    IIRC, eligibility....
  6. Re: ***WR Calvin Ridley commits to Alabama***

    Not yet. He's been solid thus far.
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    Re: How many spots do we have left?

    Charlot is gone. Many do not expect Moton to be a part of this class either.
  8. Re: Matt Womack

    He's not Cam Robinson, but few are..... the staff has been on him hard for a while now, so he is a priority at a position of need....solid pickup.
  9. Re: ***OLB Adonis Thomas Commits to Alabama***

    Great, great pickup....I really think he can play inside. Has the frame of a Mosley
  10. Re: *** 2015 WR Daylon Charlot Commits to Alabama ***

    yeah, it's been a long time coming.....great prospect, but I can't say that we haven't turned down equals already.
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    Question: Re: Bo Scarborough eligibility start date

    He can not participate....he actually won't even be an official student until 1/7/15. He can start being an official part of the "conditioning program" then. But, he will not practice with team or...
  12. Re: Sunday afternoon will be very interesting

    Sorry...brain fart on title.... And I edited because FSU allowed another game to be close
  13. Sunday afternoon will be very interesting

    TCU played a nobody. FSU actually won somewhat soundly. Baylor beat KSU convincingly and will be conference champs. OSU is throttling Wisky. I think Bama and Oregon are only 2 comfortable right now.
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    Re: Injured Tide players for tomorrow

    I doubt Devall and Stewart are able to go. Everyone else I think has practiced.
  15. Re: Nebraska hires Mike Riley from Oregon State

    the Nebraska 247 board is pretty funny right now
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